Thursday, 27 September 2007

A Friend From Vietnam

One day in the month of July , I received a message from a girl in Vietnam asking me about the 7th wonders of the world that will be held here in Lisbon.

I did´nt know her, she just found me through internet. I considered responding to her mail after finding more about her through her blogs at Yahoo 360º. She asked me a favor for a friend who collects stamps and they were both interested to have a 7th wonders of the world collectors stamp.

As I dont go out much especially to the post office, I requested hubby if he can find and buy them the requested stamps. Hubby is also a stamp collector so, one day when he had a chance he went to the post office. He asked for the stamps and bought two sets , one set for him and one set for the girl, her name is Mai Lan aka Orchid Flower ( i like her chosen name in flower)

After showing Mai Lan the photos of the stamps , she was happy and requested one more set of the stamps and gave me a certain address to send in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. She also ask how she would pay me back, I told her she can send it to me thru bank transfer but as the amount is only less than 20 euros and there was also the difficulty in arranging foreign currency I told her to just send me anything from her country as souvenir.

She offered me a national dress from Vietnam called "Ao Dai." But before sending me the dress ,she asked for my measurement and sent me photos of her, friends and family on a special ocassion wearing their national costume to choose from the style and color that I want.

So, here are two photos of her with friends or families. Mai Lan is in blue dress, the girls are sooo slimmm!!!

I received the package few weeks ago and yesterday I asked hubby to take me a photo in Ao Dai.

Now, looking at the slim bodies of the young girls I almost dont want to share my photo wearing the Ao Dai.

After our photo session, hubby remembered one national dress he bought for me from my country. He complained he never saw me wearing things that he buys for me. So as not to offend him and to make him happy, i put on one of the many national dress we have in Philippines and here is the photo he took..I guess he was right, I should start wearing our national dress as I think they look good on me too. This particular dress is a formal muslim dress used on special ocassion.

Our most famous national costume is the " Barong Tagalog " for men and an embroidered barong for ladies unfortunately, mine no longer fits me so I cant show you a photo how it looks like
This is all for now,dont like showing much of my own photo here but because I must show the dress that it left me no alternative but to do so.
This maybe my last post for this week and the week to come. Hubby and I is going for a much needed holiday break!!! It does´nt show much on pictures but I have been under a lot of stress since August that it already affected my health.
Have a nice week end to all!!!


Mai said...

Hi Aura,
"She's so nice in ao dai." said my mother.My parents love to read the words you write about me.
Thank you for your story.
Mai Lan

Aura said...

Mai, pls thank your mom for me for her kind words.. as i already told you ,I really love the ao dai you sent me, so lovely & comfortable to use.
love & kisses to you & the family