Thursday, 6 September 2007

Ship Ahoy!!!

Last week end, hubby had a call from the shipyard where he works part time as their "Docking Master".A special profession that he enjoys doing for as long as the yard needed him, he would´nt mind doing this type of work being responsible of the ships (either for repair or maintenance) going in or out of the dockyard .

As I went with him to do the job, I contented myself with taking photos such as the out going ship being pulled by tug boats while hubby controls their position & movements thru radio.

As the cargo ship moved out of the dock, another ship is in position to go in..Photo below

The job was done with in an hour,report included.All went well,hubby was happy & satisfied as you can see on his face..

We moved on our way back home but before that we had coffee by the riverside near the historical monuments of Lisbon. Could´nt help taking photos again, I will show next time.

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Anonymous said...

Well, thank you a whole bunch for leaving a comment this day. I thank you also for being a silent reader for a long time. Now this is even better because I can visit your blog.

Your husband has an important job and a profession I have always admired. Good for him and for you too.

The photographs that you took are really very nice. I like them.

Abraham Lincoln