Thursday, 20 September 2007

Foggy morning

When I got up this morning at 7:00 AM, this is the view that greeted me from the kitchen window. A foggy morning which is unusual in this time of the year as we are still in summer season.Temperature outside this morning was 17 ºC
The green pine trees of Monsanto Forest park that always pleases my eyes as i wake up in the morning are all covered ,as the fog spreads we can only see a silhouete

Unfortunately like in most parts of the world, climate condition has also change here. We did´nt experience the usual summer heat in Portugal, If I remember right, there was only a week or two that we had temperature of 30-40 ºC above..

One thing good that this weather brought to us was that, there was also less fire incident this year as it was in the last few years that burned hundred of thousands acres of trees , houses and also claimed lives of firefighters and civilians as with the tragic fire that happened in Greece last month..

After an hour, about 8:00 AM, the fog started clearing and the sun started peaking out of the cloud.I took a shot of the sun with this hibiscus facing my camera that gave me this effect as if it was still dark.

I then proceeded to prepare our early morning breakfast starting with a tropical fruit from Brazil called "Anonas"in portuguese or a family of our native "Atis"in Philippines. The taste is similar,I love it! For the Filipinos abroad who misses our native fruits like "Atis", try to find "Anonas"in the supermarkets, they also grow anonas in the islands of Madeira and Açores, therefore anonas is also much appreciated by the portuguese. Tropical fruits like, mangos, banana, pineapple , even jackfruit in can,and all kinds of melons are all available in the supermarkets.Even yellow corn,they grow it here too.

By the way, I also added a few slices of peach, another fav of mine not tropical though..

Have a nice day to all!!

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