Thursday, 13 September 2007

One" Full Filling "day

I know its been a while since my last post and I have my reason for not doing so but I cant tell .

Last Sunday, we went to Setubal about 40 km south of Portugal. It is a city that was once an important fishing industry, sardines in particular.And a place where we come to eat and enjoy grilled fish especially sardines in summer when they are at its best!!

Below is Setubal´s train station (left), an old house at the corner before the restaurant.

Our diet at home was changed due to an avoidable circumstances and for this particular reason when things were better that we went to a restaurant in Setubal to eat grilled fish. I´ve been longing to eat grilled fish for quite sometime. Finally, there we were! Photo below was the service counter and an "azulejo" frame on the wall.

Here is what we ordered:

One order of grilled sardines about( 8-9 pcs) , another order of 2 meduin size of grlled squid with ink,sprinkled with lots of onion cut in cubes mixed with parsley,( we could´nt smile or show our teeth after eating the squid as the black ink stained our tooth,lol!!!) 2 small pieces of "bisugo" ( dont know its name in english), a plate of mixed salad of lettuce,tomato,green & red pepper & onion, a plate of boiled baby potatoes. Garnish with olive oil & vinegar.

We had a typical dessert of the area "sericaia" w/ plum & syrup, fresh melon and coffee

I was so hungry and anxious to eat that I forgot to take photos. Photo below of sardines being grilled was taken on our way out.

A natural air conditioner window

Mom in law and I outside the restaurant.

We then got into the car to go back to Lisbon but as we turn in the corner road after the train station, we pass by an old abandoned building with this beautiful tower or for whatever porpose they use it, caught my eyes & took this shot while the car is moving

To go back to Lisbon , we have to cross a river and pass the 17 km.long Vasco de Gama bridge. Magnificent bridge, is´nt it? It was a bit cloudy at the time. Again picture was taken inside the car.

It was a fullfiling day for me (at least for my eyes, lungs & stomach). Upon reaching downtown Lisbon, I took some more photos of old lisbon buildings , i will show you later on my next post.

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