Monday, 3 September 2007

My first encounter with The Chimp

During our visit in Bafata,one of the 7 regions of Guine-Bissau.We were introduced to this Chimp,I cant remember his name.He came down from the tree to greet us, he would´nt leave me alone for a while,as u can see in the photo, he would´nt let go of my hand( he even look shy) I understood later why...

Hubby was having a conversation with some Portuguese men in the house, i stayed behind entertaining myself with the other pets in the house like these ones below.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my leg, I looked it was Chimp with face turned on one side rubbing my leg slowly up & if he has´nt seen a woman´s white leg. I got alarmed,almost in panicked as i did´nt like what I saw when I looked down again at him, Did´nt know how to react afraid that the chimp might become agressive and hurt me if I stoped him!

I let out a big cry of help! Hubby & the men rushed immediately to my side that made the chimp run away but even before climbing the tree i saw him pick up stones along the way.As he was settled up in the tree, guess what he did as soon as he felt safe in his territory? He started throwing stones at us!!

That was the story of the day, even the local women in the house laughed when they learned about the incident and jokingly told me that its my white leg that triggered the chimps reaction..My God, it could´nt be! I did that to a chimp???

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