Wednesday, 19 September 2007

My Admiration for Old Buildings

I have a profound admiration for the architecture of Lisbon old buildings and the Manueline style architecture that we can see in most churches,cathedrals,towers and monastereries build during the age of discoveries 15th-16th centuries.

As promised, I will show some photos taken in one "bairro" of Lisbon coming from the Vasco de Gama bridge. Not exactly an area where most tourist are taken for sightseing tours but, as it was on our way home and as i saw beautiful and interesting buildings,we stoped and took shot of this beautiful building as shown below. Pls click the photos to enlarge
Chafariz Del Rey ( Fountain of the King)

Chafariz Del Rey ( Fountain of the King): Build during the 13th century,reformed by King D. Denis, reconstructed year 1747, repared after the year 1755 ,then again renovated and improved mid 19th century.

The building above was next to Chafariz and next is the Military Museum building taken while car is moving

I always have admiration for the doors and windows as they decorate the frames in the old days, and here are some examples of them. The building on the right side is called Casa dos Bicos ( House of Points or Beaks?? ) you can click at the photos to enlarge.

Lastly, I took a shot of this beautiful facade of the Igreja da Nossa Senhora da Conceição Velha ( Our Old Lady of Concepcion Church) newly reconstructed & renovated..Its a pity it was close , we were not able to see the inside of this church.

Lisbon Municipal Building

For me, the best of them all is this beautiful site of the 16th century Tower of Belem constructed in the middle of Tejo (Tagus) River.

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Senor Enrique said...

You are so fortunate to be surrounded by incredible architecture. Thanks for sharing :)