Monday, 8 October 2007

Travel log of my Greek holiday

Just got back from my Greek holiday yesterday.... Sepr.30,2007, our flight from Lisbon, started at 7:05 AM to Amsterdam . We arrived at Schipol Airport at about 11:20 AM with just enough time to walk straight to the gate where we should embark to start another 3 hour journey to Athens. We have a 2 hour difference in time so, our scheduled arrival in Athens is about 4:30 PM Greek time.

Upon arrival in Athens Airport and after claiming our luggage, we asked from the information desk in the airport where we could get a taxi, we were informed that we can also take a bus no.X96 that stops right in front of our hotel at Possidonos Ave. in Athens coast.So, we went out of the airport and there it was ,a public transport bus waiting right in front of the airport exit door. Hubby bought 2 tickets that cost 3.20 Euros each at the ticket booth and off we went on our way to the hotel that took us more or less 40 minutes to get there.

We checked in at Hotel Poseidon at around 6:00 PM, it was a long and tiring journey for our planed 7 days holiday but then the trip was well worth it.

Day 1- After having a good breakfast,we asked the hotel receptionist the way how to get to Acropolis in Athens. We were told to take the tram no. 5 which is just across the road ,then get off the tram at the last stop in Syntagma Square where the Greek parliament and the Presidential palace is situated.

Tickets can be bought at ticket machines ,we had difficulty reading the informations written in greek as we dont understand and cant read the greek alphabeth. But no worry, as there are always hospitable english speaking greeks that can help you like the young man that explained to us how to get our ticket. The ticket cost 1.20 euros for the 2 of us, we found out later that we can buy a ticket good for one week, which we can use for all public transport like bus, tram, train or trolley for the price of 10 euros ,very cheap compared to Portugal public transport. The tram ride takes 30-40 minutes as there were many stop before reaching Syntagma square at downtown Athens.

We got down the tram in time to cross the road where the Greek Parliament is ,and in time to watch the Evzones ( Presidential Guards) an elite ceremonial soldiers with their traditional uniforms marching as they exchange guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier as you can see at the
pictures below:

It was a beautiful sight watching the guards march in their traditional uniform. My first greek delight!

From here, we again asked for information how to go to Acropolis without walking so much. We were them told by a policeman to go down to the metro station ,take the train at Aghios Demetrios and at the next stop, we should get down and Acropolis will be nearby.

But beforehand, we got down to the metro station and there,was another surprise for us to see a metro station museum exposing all the artifacts they found during the excavation and construction of the station. A beautiful and grand station they have I must say..

Photos above are inside the metro station:
Down below this showroom area, is where we should take the train to Acropolis. We could have walked from Syntagma Square to Acropolis ( high city or flat sacred rock which rises 150 meters above sea level in the city of Athens), it will be about 10 minutes walk but we tried to save that 10 minutes walk for our climb up to Parthenon, the ancient Greek Temple of Greek Godess Athena.
I must go for now to continue our trip later to Acropolis of Athens on our first day...
To be continued.....


rhodora said...

How nice it is that there you were in Greece, and yet your husband was wearing a shirt from Bohol. :)

Very nice pictures. You are so blessed, Aura. :)

Aura said...

Thank you Rhoda for dropping by!!

Would you believe that hubby even use a barong style polo during summer for office? He likes to wear them as they are comfortable to use daw.