Friday, 21 September 2007

My Friends Back Home

Today I would like to speak about my friends back home . I woke up this morning thingking and missing my family and friends ( sad to say I have no one here except for my hubby).

Why I value their friendship?

1) I can talk to them and they listen without interuption.

2) They were there for me when I was down .Sometimes friends are more perceptive than our own family about our problems and its easier to let go your tears and sadness ot frustrations among friends rather than to your family.
3) And if ever i needed anything. they are willing to share or lend a helping hand without being asked. ( as im too proud to beg for help)
4) But most of all I love being in their company! We share jokes, problems, sadness, laughter!!!
Yes, I laugh a lot when im in Philippines!! Life is so different when we have joy ang laughter around us.

Now a days I see them only during my visit to Philippines every two years.

Although we all have our own families now, our husbands, children and even grandchildrens.They are all getting acquianted to each other that relationship is almost like one big family on gatherings at weddings, birthdays or baptism.

So you see, sometimes when I have to plan a visit to Philippines, it has to coincide with certain ocassion especially if my presence is requested.
Hopefully, next year in Sept.2008 I have to be there to attend a birthday and wedding aniversary of my friend Tessie. It was a special request that she extended to me the last time we saw each other in Oct. last year.
I forgot to greet Tessie on her birthday last Sept.7, it maybe for this reason that im having this nostalgia about my friends. I hope they are all in good health..

Below is a photo from the company in Philippines where my longtime friendship was cultivated with most of my colleagues during that period.We were all like one big family as it was a new and small company where I worked for four years. Sadly, one year and 3 months later after this photo was taken, I received a good offer to work in Dubai,UAE so with deep regrets that i have to leave my family and friends in Philippines.

Note: I was between two men ( partly covered) on the left side of the upper row.
Another photo was taken at the house of my friend Mina on my right side , Edna on my left and dear Tessie, next to her is Minas daughter Pia.

These last two photos was taken at Shangri-la Hotel during our Ladies Night out!
Chubby mommies or rather grannies enjoying their night out on their own. ( Hubby was with me! Typical portuguese men, he refuse to let me go on my own even with my friends, Lol !)

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