Saturday, 1 September 2007

One picture taking day in Lisbon

At the entrance gate of Egas Moniz Hospital in Lisbon, this beautiful door motif caught my attention.

The hospital was named after Dr. Egas Moniz the first Portuguese to win in 1949 a Nobel Prize in Medicine for his discovery of the therapeutic value of leucotomy in certain psychoses. he was also the inventor of prefrontal leucotomy which was later on changed to lobotomy by american surgeons.

After hubby finished his appointment with the doctor, i asked him that we meet at exit gate because i intend to take photo.

I managed to get 2 shots before the security guard aproach me & asked me politely if i work in the hospital. I said no, so he told me if i wanted to take photo at the hospital premisses i should ask permission first to the administration.Imagine, just for this photo!!! Anyway policy is policy, there´s nothing i can do about it.

I got into the car where hub was waiting and as we got out of the gate,again I saw these beautiful "azulejos" ( painted ceramic tiles )at the wall still part of the hospital by the roadside.We stoped and took these photos.

With this as the crown glory "Agoas Livres Anno 1821" ( Free water Year 1821 ).From here, I started taking photos of almost all the beautiful old buildings nearby.Love the architecture.

And Lastly,we have to go to a pharmacy to buy a prescribed medicine to this "Farmacia" and took a shot of this beautiful show window in "Azulejos" ( ceramic tile )

Its all I can share for now.

Note: Pls click photos to enlarge

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