Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Wistful days....

My hometown is a small town called Rosales in Pangasinan.It is about 300 km.away from Manila.
During my holidays,i like to spend a week or two in Rosales.My mom still lives there and my son met his local wife there during his holidays,married her then also built his house in our land.
The land is planted with mango trees,bananas,jackfruit,local lemon(lime) and rice or corn during rainy season.Whenever Im ín my hometown i feel so at peace with nature,and when i wake up in the morning especially when the rice flower is in bloom,the delicate perfume tickle my nose and i perked up to immediately rise and look eastward so that i can also watch the sun rising behind the Balungao mountain.

I was taking this photo of the ricefield planted with some mango trees planted three years ago ( with the morning mist,the ricefield looks so green and so fresh and pleasing to the eyes) when hubby suddenly apeared and requested to be into the scenario,so i have only this to show you.Pls click to enlarge.

It would have been an ideal place for us to retire in our old age, if only we also have the sea nearby...( i still have to convince hubby,sigh..)


pusa said...

hi aura, it really feels good to be home in the philippines no matter what the status of our country right now. hope you'll be able to convince your hubby to retire here.

thanks for visiting my manila photoblog, i have more photos of the coup in my other blog, thanks!

Herman Verbrugge said...

What a wonderful surroundings to live in! On the other hand I do understand your husband when he says that he would mis the sea. I think I would go for your choice because I taste a little bit homesickness to your country but also to your family. Am I right?

Amrita said...

Your land seems lovely. We have mango, banana and lemon trees on our land.Can 't grow rice here. Tho or gradner planted some lentil and corn