Tuesday, 27 November 2007

When there is Respect,there must be Understanding

Most women enjoys shoping,i dont...but my husband does. Surprising, is´nt it?

When i go to supermarket,i only buy what is necessary.But when i go with hubby,we always managed to buy so many things that sometimes we even dont need.Hubby likes to experiment and try new products or groceries to fill up our cupboard.(I always stick to the things i like) I no longer try to discourage hubby in buying things he wants because he gets upset.I dont want him to feel that i keep in control ... He also enjoys window shopping for me,when he comes home he would tell me that there is a nice shoes or dress in a shop so and so that i must come and check one day.

I guess ,we are really two different people that joined together ( East meets West).Different country,different mentalities..But dont get me wrong,we get along very well! WHY? Because,there is LOVE,RESPECT,HARMONY and UNDERSTANDING.


This week end,we did´nt go to a supermarket.I requested hubby if we can go to downtown Lisbon just to window shop for christmas presents.I remembered an area in Martin Moniz where the shops of Chinese,Indians and African retailers and wholesalers are.
Martin Moniz where you can also see the "Castelo São Jorge" high above athe background.(Photo was taken last summer)

We first entered in one chinese shop to check on a scarf that i saw from the shop window, we did´nt buy anything and we just went ahead with window shopping keeping in mind the things i have to buy later.

It was lunch time as we passed thru a line of chinese wholesalers,and at the corridor we saw a group of chinese having lunch.On their small table was noodles,fried crab and squid,some shell fish and rice.The smell of the food opened our apetite that i said to hubby im feeling for an indian food that moment( because i smelled also an indian food somewhere)We asked one guy where is the nearest indian restaurant,he gave us the way so off we went to the place.

I was so hungry that I could´nt wait for the menu to come and ask hubby to order "Mix Pakora" to start.The waiter asked if we are going to have lunch,we can go to the other room where they served the meals.I looked, but as the room is so dark for my mood and taste we decided to stay where we were with roadside view.

Pakora came with our drinks, and while devouring our pakora,we proceeded with our order,Lamb Khorma,Chiken Tikka Masala,Palao Rice and Garlic Nan,hubby even asked me if i would like to have Palak Paneer,our waiter said he thinks we already have enough order that we might not able to finish all of it.

Lunch was enjoyable until we heard a comotion on the other side.A womens voice,we could´nt understand what she was saying until she raise her voice louder..Ladrão! Ladrão!!!( thief,thief!)I thought maybe there was a love triangle involve.

But later,the person got out from the room,it was an old lady in her 80´s,acompanied by the manager.She left quietly only to be back later with two policemen.She went inside the room with the policemen then she got out again to sit next to our table.She look helpless,looking around her as if looking for sympathy started crying and shaking,so i told hubby to call the waiter to request a glass of water for the lady.She looked at me,i know she needs somebody to talk to, showed me a black spot on her hand.I WAS ATTACKED INSIDE THAT ROOM!!It seems that things got out of hand when a male client got involve with her and assaulted her when she answered him back.FOR GOODNESS SAKE,SHE´S AN OLD LADY!!!What kind of person bodily harm an old lady just because he got irritated with the old lady´s complain about her order???

I dont know what the policemen did inside,probobly nothing will be done about the incident because when they finished speaking with the guy involved,they left again with the old lady..I really felt so sorry for her....

When we arrived home and switch on our christmas trees light,i saw the full moon so low and i took this picture from the christmas tree


Amrita said...

I 'm glad you enjoyed the indian food. i love all those dishes and make them too. i made chicken tikka masala on Sunday.

Feel so bad for the old lady, whatever could have happened.Poor lady.

I like window shoping BTW.
The moon photo is super.

Aura said...

Hubby and i adore international cuisene,Amrita..
I prepare chicken curry at home at least once a week. Love Biryani too!And i would like to learn how to prepare Nan or Chapati..but sometimes we can also buy frozen Roti dowmtown, though its not the same when you make it fresh