Thursday, 8 November 2007

My New " Pantufa"

When the temperature goes down, my feet is the first one to suffer as it feels imediately the change in temperature.

For this, i must use a sock or wear my "Pantufa"(winter slipper).I buy almost every year a new pantufa as they dont last me long.It´s because i like to use it all day or at least until i go to bed. I prefer the warmth and comfort of wearing pantufa at home ( its not my habit to wear shoes inside the house).

Last years "Pantufa" was a local craft from Alentejo, exterior part is made from a pork hide and a soft lambs wool for the interior part to warm my feet. This one served me well and its now readily available to buy in any craft store here in lisbon.I have feeling i will continue wearing this one until it gives up on me. They are really warm and comfy!

Here´s how my last years "Alentejano Pantufa" looks like now.

And during our visit in one of the island in Greece, i saw this local "Pantufa", a copy of the "Evzones" clog leather shoes.I find the pompom on it nice and amuzing!So,we bought one for me and for hubby too. Mine is in red and maroon for hubby as shown below.

Hubby already started wearing his new pantufa and he likes it a lot,he said they are really warm!I think they are really nice and cute, dont you think so?

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Senor Enrique said...

Cute! I used to have a pair similar to the top pic :)