Friday, 9 November 2007

Coudelaria Real (Royal Stud Farm) in Alentejo

Today,I´ve thought about posting some animal photos. There is this photo of a horse i like, taken at the Coudelaria Real( Royal Stud Farm) This horse was evasive when we(tourist) came in the stable area.Only when the others (group of spanish tourist) were already far from him that he or she let me took this photo.Looks like he was smiling while posing for the photo,is´nt it?

At the "Falconaria" area, there was also a shy or suspicious falcon who turned his back on me and while the other was showing off and opening his wings ( manage to catch only this part when he was already closing it again.

I took this photo while on our way out and this falcon stayed put and made this pose.
Outside there was this big owl who does not want to show his face. Click!! I got this photo that looks like a frame on the wall ( looks unreal )but i still like it.

At the end of the tour,we were told to see the area where the young horses were. It happened to feeding time for them. Beautiful horses!! Dont know anything about horses and riding but i would love to have one for myself. Dont you???

The Foundation of Coudelaria Real was founded by D. João V,the Magnanimous King in 1736, registered in 1748 for the Royal horses of Alter-Real and is located in Alter do Chão in Alentejo.It was for the porpose of training and cross breeding special horses, using a rigid technique that will show their best movements, elegance and good behaviour.For this the Alter -Real horses are known for their splendour.

In 1911-1941, when Portugal turned Republic,the Coudelaria was taken away from the Crown and was integrated in the Ministry of War and changed the name to "Coudelaria Militar de Alter do Chão".Only in 1942, when it was integrated in the Ministry of Economy that the Alter Real Coudelaria started its long way ( half century) of recovery.

From what the lady guide told us,the foudation is no longer under control of the present government.


Senor Enrique said...

Wonderful animal pictures, indeed! And yes, that white horse seemed to be smiling when you took the shot :)

I was just reading an article about falconry written by Robert Kennedy, Jr. who is a great enthusiast.

BTW, are these the famous Portuguese horses that are incredibly trained, able to do all those synchronized galloping?

Aura said...

Hi SE,
Yes, the one in picture is a Lusitano horse, usually used in riding schools and also by the potuguese bullfighters as these horses are very courageous and agile to charged and provoked the bull to charged back then with sudden move, can turn around to give the bullfighter a chance make his move.
The Lusitano horses are said to be the "Filhos do Vento" (Sons of the Wind)
As of falconry,dont know much about it but the ones i´ve posted are used for hunting.
Thanks for dropping by!