Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Beach Day at the Poseidon

During our holiday in Athens, we passed a day at the beach across our hotel, just lazing,gazing,sunbathing, swimming, as well as even observing people.The beach has no fine sand as we have in Portugal but the water was quiet calm and warm though.

It was our third day,we need to rest our legs from two days of walking almost all over the capital just to see "stones and ruins"( as hubby used to say when he gets tired walking).

We hear "Kalemera!" (greetings in Greek) everytime somebody comes, perhaps they are regular bathers in the area and they all are acquianted with each other.Bronze skined middle aged men and women,looking so neat and elegant even with their bathing suits.Women even come with make up on and jewelries even when swimming.

But i especially noticed one small elder lady ( my guess is,she´s in her 70´s or more).She came with only a small beach bag,took out her small towel,spread it and put stones in each corner,then she took out her blouse and skirt,fold it carefully and put it inside her bag.To my surprise,she was wearing a bikini!(very seldom i see in portugal elder ladies in bikini,usually they prefer to wear one piece bathing suit)
I also notice that she has a defect,she has no fingers in both hands,but then she went into the water to swim and was there for half an hour,swimming! Bravo,Grandma!!!

I took her photo later when she finished her swim and while seated looking towards the sea, as shown below.
Another photo was with another dark skined guy with grey hair and beard that made me think of the Greek God Zeus coming out of the sea.Only this one was coming out from his snorkling or skin dive fishing.( photo was not so clear as the sun was already high above.

When we left the beach at about 4:00 PM , the old lady was still there sun bathing, no parasol to protect her from the sun, only a her cap to cover her face.
She must really love sunbathing, not like me i prefer to have a parasol above my head!


Nihal said...

Smiling Hello from Istanbul:)
Thanks a lot for your visit on my journal. Definately, I'm agree with you that there is so nice people around the world, and it seems like a great way to communiate each other by mutual interaction. Greece is a very good choice to go for vacationing. Thank you again for letting me visit your home (blog). Will be looking forward for your next visit to my home. Saludos muchos,

WebOJ said...

OMG! Aunty looks like part of the scene!

Herman Verbrugge said...

Thank you for stopping by in my blog and leaving your comment. I have read your blog and enjoyed the stories and photos. I have also put your blog in my favorite list. Hope to see you again in my blog.
Take care you both.

Aura said...

Nihal, "Obrigado" for your visit.Hope we continue seing in each others home(blog).Saude ( cheers or health in portuguese)

Weboj, you are right..she looks like part of the scene.Thanks for coming.

Herman, I also enjoyed your blog. Ive already added you to my list.´
Best of health to you!