Friday, 23 November 2007

Hubby´s First Island tour in Philippines

When i got up this morning,( bit late than my usual)I went to look outside the window to see if hubs car still there.He usually look up before he gets into the car to see me waving especially when i dont get up to see him off before he goes to work,caught him in time to send a kiss.

Finally,the sun is shining so bright today!!!And to start my day, is to drink a cup of coffee with milk and some toast with butter and homemade jam ( i prefer to do my own fruit jam ) i put on a good music to listen starting with the best of Kenny Rodgers to start followed by Sade then Lionel Richie and so on.

While doing my household task,i prefer to have music at home,i dont watch much TV except for news and documentary films, and oh!!!! Sports and lots of football games especially when hub is home.

Going thru my web album to find a topic for todays post,i came upon photos from Philippines. I dont remember posting anything about my country since i started bloging in June.

During our holidays in Philippines which is every 2 yrs,we use to go around to see the islands which by the way ,we have only 7,100 islands.

Our first island tour began in 1998 at Puerto Princessa City,Palawan.We did´nt consult any agency to go there,just booked our flight and upon arrival in the airport,we went to the tourist counter for information.We were given a guide book for hotels or resort to choose from.As for transport,you get to be taken by courtious "TRICYCLE" (typical means of transportation in provinces,motorcycle with sidecar)drivers recognized by airport authorities.

Our first experience started that day when we were about to reach our chosen hotel,I remembered that we have no CASH!!(forgot to bring money)I told hubby,i have only 200 pesos ( about 3.5 euros)do you have cash with you? He said,"NO!!!you are in charge of our cash,why did´nt you bring any"? And so we asked the driver to stop where there is an ATM and he did, but the ATM had no cash its SUNDAY!!! We went to another one..they dont recognized Mastercard,its the only card that hubby brought with him, another bank...nothing also.We were getting frustrated and hubby was already nervous and cranky,he wanted to go back to Mla especially when we arrive at our chosen hotel,they also dont accept MASTERCARD only VISA!!!The driver was so nice and very patient with us patient,he took us to a more luxurious hotel where they accept mastercard.

Finally we are have a place to stay, but to pay the driver is another problem..200 pesos is not sufficient to pay the bill.He told us not to worry,he will come back the next day to take us around if we want to keep him as our driver for the whole week.We told him to come and pick us up for dinner and take us to a typical restaurant in the city, again thingking that our card can pay the bill.He came at 7 PM and took us to a nice local restaurant,before ordering we asked if they accept card? Again,we were disapointed with the reply, they dont accept card payments.WHAT TO DO NOW? We checked the prices of their menu,ordered a plate of meat and a plate of vege and rice,2 soft drinks,we paid 270 pesos ( 70 pesos borrowed from the driver who waited on us outside) WHAT A DAY!!!!

The next day,when our driver came we told him to take us to another place as we did´nt like much the hotel.I prefer a resort that is within the city.We went first to get cash at ATM which we suceeded at last! then he brought us to a family managed resort.As we entered the gate,we passed thru a line of coconut trees until we reach a pavillion,an open building made of bamboo and nipa,(phil. style) which i later found out that it was a restaurant.We talked to the owner,whom i later learned that he was previously in the goverment in charge of the environment.We booked for 5 days stay and we had our own "Nipa Hut" native house with own bathroom and bed near the beach.The beach is not advisable for swimming as it was murky and planted with mangroves.

For swimming,we were taken for lunch one day ( paid for ) on to a sand bar nearby..can you see the dogs following the boat? They were really enjoying the swim

As we reach the sand bar,I took this photo of hubby,getting ready for the conquest,on his way to the sand bar then upon fixing the parasol at the white sand (as if planting a flag for his conquest)celebrating his victory as well!
The place was so beautiful!! we had our lunch ( griled,fish,prawns,squid,clams,salad & rice) enjoyed my swimming to a very clear water,with fish and the many big colorful starfish (blue & orange color)around.I wanted to take a few of them with me but i was informed that its prohibited to take shells with us.

We stayed there for 2 hours or so and until the boys came to pick us up to return to the resort before dusk..And as you can see ,(even from our photos)hubby looks like a red indian! Can you see the wash basin!! A REAL BIG SHELL!!! Pls. click to enlarge.

Have a nice week end to all!!


Sidney said...

What an adventure... I wouldn't like to be in a place without money !

Aura said...

Sidney, i know..i know..You should have seen hubby´s face when i told him that i forgot to bring cash with me!

WebOJ said...

Sighh! Looks like fun!

Amrita said...

Adventure trip eh? The driver was so helpful.
I like your beach dress, so cool

Herman Verbrugge said...

I think that driver was your guardian angel, and he trusted you folks absolutely by giving YOU credit! :-)
Very nice story Aura. It reminds me to January 1958. Then we made a stop in Manila when we were on our way by plain to Biak, New Guinea. I realize that it's now almost 50 years ago.

Aura said...

Weboj; We really had fun even if were in trouble that first day!!The people of Palawan are kind,disciplined & hospitable and the city is very clean and has kept its natural beauty as well.

Amrita: We were really lucky to have that driver who was so helpful to us, although i dont doubt that all those drivers that were given permit to take passengers in the airport will do the same for us.
Re: the beach dress was really cool , comfy and cheap too.Bought it for 100 pesos that time(1.5 euros)

Herman: Guess, you are right,we had a guardian angel that time..
When we went to Palawan,it was few months after that news about hostage taking in one resort where in a renegade muslim group took hostage some foreign people in an island.It was in one of the islands in Palawan.Did´nt want to take my husband there at the time as he is foreigner but he insisted of going,so we went.
The Mayor of Palawan at that time has prohibited the entry of guns and undesirable muslim groups that wants to come to the city and coast guards to secure dangerous areas ex. islands near small islands of Mindanao where the rebel groups are stationed.
So, you have been to Manila 50 yrs ago? It must have been completely different then,less crowded and more green..

Thank you all for your comments!

Red Ink said...

You must have great charm !

I thought that my son was the only person who can live on other people's money.