Thursday, 15 November 2007

Social Gathering of Ex Expats

Every year,a group of ex portuguese expats in Bahrain and Dubai with their families, meet for lunch in a place organized by any volunteer among the group.Meeting place could be anywhere, any part of portugal.

This time,the chosen place was "Quinta do Lago" ( Farm by the Lake) in a small town of Alferarede in Abrantes, 153 kms. from our place in Lisbon.

As we reach the town of Alferarede, we stoped to asked direction from an elder person coming towards us.He did´nt give us the direction at first..he asked if we have space for him in the car.I was surprised,did´nt understand his porpose , hubby answered "yes,there is space for you".He entered the car,greeted us " Bom Dia" ( Good Morning) sat beside my mom in law who was with us, then said ..."I must go with you to give the proper direction ,because you wont get there even if i have to give you the direction".He was right, it was´nt that easy to get to "Quinta do Lago"

After about 10 minutes,we arrived at the place and told hubby to stoped as he will get off from there,hubby told him that he will drive him back to the place where he´s going but he refused and answered that walking will do him good..Very nice and hospitable person.

Quinta do Lago is some sort of transformed farm resort that only served and caters to group of no less than 30 people. I guess, we were about 50, one by one people arrived, i only knew a few but no problem as it was like a big and friendly group gathering.And maybe because im the only oriental looking person,people who regularly attends the ocassion can easily recognized me.

We all gathered at first at the main building,as shown way, men on one side and women at the other side :) Then we went down to have a drink and starters like cod cakes,green beans tempura style, meat balls diferent types of good chouriçoz,cured cheese,presunto,bread,etc.,etc.

After almost an hour,we were called back to the main building for our lunch. Our table was properly set with a beautiful flower base in the middle and a bottle of white wine in a cooler, red wine ,bottle of water and juice for drinks.

We started with "presunto(cured ham) and melon", followed by a chicken soup that i forgot to take picture

Then came the main course,it started with a portion of sauted Flake Cod Fish and Prawn with presunto(cured ham)covered with potato puree baked in the oven.Served with salad. And I took this picture of my plate after arranging it. Is´nt it beautiful? VERY TASTY TOO!!

When i finished the 1st course,i thought i could´nt eat the 2nd course anymore.I was wrong!The 2nd course was just as good.Its Pork loin baked in the oven, served with baby potatoes and carrots,local cabbage and a piece of chestnut. Meat was so tender and "saboroso"(tasty)as well.
Portuguese people are good eater and you maybe wondering about myself? I already learned their ways although i still control my cravings especially with desserts

As for dessert,an apealing almond ice cream drizled with chocolate syrup.We had coffee afterwards then we went on socalizing around for about an hour or so then the cake was cut and champagne was served to celebrate the ocassion and anounce the next person to organized the lunch for next year.The chosen one was a second generation guy whose father passed away 2 months before this ocassion.

It was getting dark outside, so after we had our cake and champagne,we bid goodbye to everyone.It was a pleasant day spent, and the last picture ive taken outside is showm at the lower righthand side above..


Amrita said...

Hi Aura, Thanks for visiting my blog. Good to hear from someone in Portuagal, that country has always fasinated me.I 'll keep reading.

Sidney said...

Nice tradition!

Lavenderlady said...

I'm hungry! Nice photos.