Sunday, 18 November 2007

Life in the UAE (back then)

While scanning old photos during my UAE days, got this nostalgia...

I remembered friends and coleagues back in Dubai.During the first year was all about,adjustments,and learning the culture and tradition of the people,life in the country,building new friendship and clients for the company i worked for, parties and events. Coleagues from work are mostly Indians,the company I worked for was already a pioneer in trading business,selling all the best brands of Perfumes & Cosmetics, appliances, cameras and pens and other consumer goods.Owners are also of Indian origin,we were only three filipino employees then.

After working one and a half year from the company, my relationship with my Filipino boss at the time turned sour and under that circumstances that i have to leave the company or should i say, i got fired!!( I provoked the situation )

My Indian coleagues got shocked upon learning my situation,(not expecting that a countrymen should do that to me I would´nt go into details,its a long story).They were all very nice to me and saddened by my leaving the company. Most of them offered for help if ever I needed anything and not to hesitate in asking..

Pictures below are with some of them during company parties.

Photo below was with the company president and his daughter during launching event of a new perfume in the market.While the other photo was with a Jordanian friend and with a Pakistani couple who were also dear friends.I lost touch with them.

To be alone in an Arab country and loosing a job means cancelation also your working visa.When that happens,I have to go back home, but i dont want that to happen because I have 3 kids to suport.I needed to look for work and a company that is willing to sponsor me...I found one but i only lastéd 2 days.This time I have to quit....

The manager told me something that i cant forget..he said....."Aurora, you are an atractive person, on your own,no work,no husband ( i was already seperated for seven years from my filipino husband when i came to UAE)For a woman of your status, you cant expect the men here to just ignore you,whats wrong with going out with your boss?"I dont know..I know, nothing maybe wrong with that but its not in me....So I have to leave....

Later ,I did found work in a new company.The owner was somebody i already knew from my visits to his shop, A local and a well behaved familyman and a gentlemen i must say, as i never heard anything bad about him (like chasing after women),he never showed interest in me personally other than work. My life since then was better,no pressure,no worries and I stayed and worked with the company until i met my portuguese husband now and until we left Dubai..


Mai said...

Hi Aura,
You travel a lot. Visit your blog, I can see a whole of world. So great!
God bless you.
Mai Lan

Sidney said...

Not sure I would like to work in an Arab country.
And I am sure life is better in Portugal !

Aura said...

Mai,thanks for coming!Hope you & family are well!
I was just reminiscing the old days..
God bless you too!

Aura said...

Sidney,thanks for dropping by..My story happened in the ´80´s. Just hope that the mentality has changed by now.

WebOJ said...

Some men!!! Pah! I wonder if he'd have felt the same if it were his mother in your shoes. Glad that you are now seeing better days.

Amrita said...

you are a brave lady.