Monday, 28 April 2008

This was Unexpected !!

I just have to share this imediately...I must admit when i opened this e- mail this morning, i expected to smile or laugh thingking it must be something funny.But it is´nt so...

In fact the video touched my heart and made me cry as soon as she started singing. This talented singer´s name is Madonna, a single mom with two children in Philippines and has been in the UK for 18 months working as a club singer.

May i advise you to increase the volume of your of your pc to appreciate more her singing ability.

Enjoy and have a nice day to all!!



Rebecca said...

She did really well...I know that is the position of many folk from different parts of the world...that they have to travel far away in order to make money for their families future...that must be so hard.

Aura said...

So true Rebecca. I know because,i was in the same position before and so with many millions of people in the world looking for a greener pasture.

That is why,this video touched me so.

Herman Verbrugge said...

For me too... an absolutely YES. This song has a special meaning to me.

Aura said...

I understand Herman, strong lyrics that can mean a lot to sensitive people.