Monday, 21 April 2008

Yesterday, Yesteryears Part 2

Hubby´s first visit to Manila was a memorable one..We were still living in Dubai then,we knew and dated each other for only a year.

I was due for my anual holiday and i was already planning my vacation when hubby surprised me of his intention that he would like to come with me to philippines.
We were both quiet clear with our relationship in those days,no commitments just plain platonic relationship.

Myself,because of my past experience with my ex that left me on my own to support our 3 kids and the reason why i have to look for a better horizon, leave my children at the care of my mom when after seven years on my own,i can no longer strecth my hard earned salary for their well being and education and as for hubby,its because he is divorced who also have 3 kids to suport.

Anyway,we planed our holidays stoping in Singapore for a few days then fly to Manila.While still enjoying our holiday in Singapore,I heard the news about a military coup that was going on in Manila to bring down the government. I got nervous especially when i heard that the airport was closed and a military curfew was imposed. I wanted our flight canceled afraid of hubbys well being. But he insisted that if flights are not canceled we will proceed as our flight schedule permits.And so we did...

My brother came to pick us up in the airport that was full of armed military men, and on our way home we saw more soldiers and military tanks in strategic positions at the hidhway. Old military planes flying low above us as we are coming near a miltary headquarters which is also near our apartment. I looked at hubby with worried face but i see only a smiling face that seem to be enjoying the scenario! So, i just hunch my shoulders after that and told myself " que sera,sera"!

I did´nt have photos of the scene as hubby recorded everything in his video camera at the time.After a few days, all went back to normal life..Got in touch with my friends,arranged an outing with our children and we went to a nice resort outside Manila called Vila Escudero.

Photos below from Vila Escudero in Laguna with my best friends Tessie and Mina ( with our children)and former coleagues in the company where i worked before Dubai.

Our typical native transportation pulled by a bufalo named as Macho that will take us inside the resort for a stopover at the reception area where we were welcomed by a Filipino group of singers

Here we changed partners for a while then back to each other arms after a brief failed romance with Juan and Maria

Group picture at the restaurant side where we have the tables at an artificial lagoon and waterfalls.Here,you can see me huging my chubby youngest son Jon-jon.Native food is served on a small "bilao" plate with banana leaves on top(lechon,adobo,laing,fried chicken,rice,tec.,etc.)where all your chosen food will be placed and eaten either using your fingers or spoon and fork,filipino way. Hubby had no problem eating and using his hands "kamayan" as we all did.

The other photo was taken on a lawn where a military tank was displayed and where the kids enjoyed playing and have their pictures taken

Hubby and Greg breaking their backs paddling the bamboo made raft on a man made lake. Later,they brought two more passengers with them Joy,and Jon.jon to give Pia company. You must be wondering where the ladies were? We were also on another raft trying to race the guys!

For a fee of two thousand pesos each person during that time,the price we paid was well worth it..Food,rest house for the day, museum visit,transportation inside,swimming pool, all inclusive..except for the transportation that brought us to get to the place.

Dont know how are the conditions these days and how much they charge now but you can check on it at the internet for further information.

A beautiful place to pass the day with family and friends not so far from Manila!!


Rebecca said...

I love the tropical plants in the reminds me of Indonesia and makes me wish I was far away from North America!! It does not take much to make me long to travel!

Aura said...

I´m feeling homesick again Rebecca,that is why im looking thru my travel photos to philippines again.

I have´nt been to indonesia but i guess all tropical plants are all the same in that part of the orient.

Herman Verbrugge said...

It was a most difficult as well as an exiting time in your life I guess. The photos remind me to the time I spent in New Guinea. (Irian Jaja).

Aura said...

I imagine New Guine was more of wild life and a virgin island in those days,Herman.
This resort where we have been used to be a cocomut plantation and in order to maintain the now owners decided to make a business out of it.

Francesca said...

hi aura, grabe sa ganda ng flowers mo. Spring is the best season kc.

enjoy the sun!

Aura said...

Thanks Francesca! I experimented a new camera with those flowers,"natsambahan ko yata ang kuha " :) although flowers are really lovely.

Have a nice day too!!