Monday, 5 May 2008

Time to Relax

Im not on to writting these days... Its not i have´nt got any topics to to write about.Its just that the house keeps me ocupied most of the time!

I sometimes wonder why there is so much to do at home when in fact, im all alone all day in my own house? No vistors,no hubby to tell me " When im home i dont want you to do anything. Just be here near me!" ( Which i cant obey most of the time:) because he likes to watch tv and i dont,i prefer to listen to music)

Anyway last Thursday,May 1st was holiday and as i know hubby has been under stress lately, fresh air and a walk will do him good so i told him that we should go out and walk in the park nearby. We prepared and when we were out of our building,he went straight to the car.I already walking for him, instead we went to Belem which is not far from our house, parked the car facing the Marina ( his porpose was just to sit in the car and admire the Tejo River ,breath some fresh air and listen to the radio) but not its not what i have in mind and as i brought my digital camera, I told hubby that i would go out for a walk and take some photos. As expected,he would come and accompany me.

These were the first photos taken by hubby.The marina, not much yatchs anchored these days.The building ahead still under construction i guess will be a hotel.

Busy tourist shopping for souvenirs while the others are waiting in line to relieve their bladers.

Passing thru the souvenir shops,this is what you´ll see further ahead. A replica of the first plane that cross the atlantic ocean and the crown of the jewel in this area is the 500 year old Tower of Belem which has been a declared cultural heritage by Unesco. The small building among the palm trees and olive trees is a place where you can get informations about the place and also coffee and other vending machines .

A closer view of the beautiful Manueline architectural design of the Tower and next is a Fort which now functions as Museum.Their is also an Leonardo da Vinci exhibition going on.

Here ,what you can see is the Monument in memory of the Combatants who died overseas in service. Dont know how many died here but i can see thousands of names written on the wall.

And lastly on our way back to the car,I felt envious of the guy with the bycicle just resting,sunbathing while admiring the tower. Its what i feel to do as well. Just relax, do nothing and enjoy life and admire nature!!

What about you? How was your holiday?


Anonymous said...
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Aura said...

Dear readers

The first comment in this post was deleted due to a malicious and HIGH RISK VIRUS OR SPYWARE still unknown to my ANTI VIRUS/SPYWARE.

Should ever the name DITAUR still appears here or even in your blogs for comments... PLEASE,PLEASE NEVER OPEN!! JUST DELETE AND IMMEDIATELY RUN YOUR ANTI VIRUS OR ANTI SPYWARE.

Thank you

Francesca said...

to get some fresh air than stucked up in the house, is good or best.

I was working may 1, in exhange to be off on other days, bec my employers are here in Monaco.

But manage to have a nice meal with family in a resto, soon to post photos.