Thursday, 24 April 2008

Spring Flowers

I´ve been missing the flowers this spring..I didnt see so much flowers in bloom in the park where i do my daily walk.Its been raining so much since the beginning of spring,i guess thst was the cause of the delay.

Anyway in my small terrace garden,i already have a few plants with flowers.I took these photos to show you.

The Poinsettia,known to be the christmas flower as they are always in bloom during christmas season. But mine flowered late,it started its flower in january and till now,i still have them.

The pink colored flowers is a plant that i have from long time ago. I just keep on transplanting them as they are easy to grow and usually flowers at the beginning of spring.We also have this plant in Philippines but i dont know the name. Does anybody knows the name of this plant?

The two flowers above seem to produce flowers all year round.The flowers showed here are still from winter season. They give less flower during winter and produce more i think in summer.

I could´nt resist buying more pots of flower when i went out shopping.

I only know that i´ve chosen two Gerberas in white and yellow color. And the other is someting i never had before called Calandiva. I had another one similar to it but the flowers are even smaller,pity i can no longer find the photo i took when the flower was still in bloom.


Anonymous said...

it's so cool that you still have poinsettia flowers in your garden.

Federal Way flowers

Herman Verbrugge said...

I don't know the name of the pink flower, but it's beautiful. Have a nice weekend Aura.

Rebecca said...

I am afraid if I dared to put such beautiful flowers out on my patio they would not last the day - the winds are still howling here and we are recovering from a week of snow! But they do look lovely and point the way to spring!!!