Friday, 18 April 2008


Remember i said in my previous post,i had a taste of that kind of crab long time ago(20 yrs ago) during my first visit to portugal?

Here i was undecided wether to use my fingers or the utensils provided to clean it.But as you can see hubby had no problem with how to handle it.Photo was taken in a restaurant in Nazare

Found the picture today while re arranging a place for our photo albums from yesteryears,Lol!!!How time goes by so quickly..

Photos from our tour of Portugal in 1987

Lisbon Photos

Taken at the other facade of Jeronimos Monastery nest to the Museum "Museu de Marinha" and the next photo was at the Tower of Belem

At the Castelo São Jorge

North of Portugal

Stopover at Figueira De Foz for picture taking, At the righthand side photo was taken in Geres. Hubby asked me before this 3 day tour. Where do I prefer to go,South or the North? And I asked what´s the difference? He said at the south side will be the famous tourist destination Algarve because of its fine beaches and seafoods, whereas the North will be more nature and cultural visit. Even though i love the sea, i´ve chosen the North of Portugal tour

Note: The above picture at the lefthandside was not taken at Figeuire de Foz ( my apologies) hubby said it was taken somewhere in Minho and the other photo was not taken in Geres ( although i have some other photos in Geres) but instead it was alos taken in Braga.

The 4 days/3 mught tour includes the following places:

Fatima, Batalha, Figueira de Foz, Viseu,Geres, Viana de Castelo,Minho,Vila Nova de Guia,Porto,Braga,Guimarães & Coimbra.

The beautiful "stairway to heaven" at the Sanctuario de Braga and Igreja de Bom jesus( if im not mistaken,it was so long ago and we never went back again after that first trip.)

Lastly, wine tasting at the cellar of the famous Fereira Port wine and the other photo was at a monument and the Monastery in Batalha.

Sorry,I could´nt explain more about the places i visited as i dont remember much about the places and its story. I still have to research to refresh my memory and history :)

This will be all for now,Have a nice week end to all!!!


Francesca said...

Bah, yesterday nga lang?!

Kahapon lamang... kanta ni sharon baga.

I like crabs, dito sa France, One kilo ng crabs paa, 10€ na.
Yoko kasi ng buo, parang kawawa kainin, lalo na alive pa.

oks na yung ibenta ng luto, less bother ng conscience na: they have to die for me, hahaha.

pareho pala tayo, love seafoods.

Senor Enrique said...

Good thing you put away copies of this vacation photos in a safe place.

I love crabs, perso ma-trabaho talaga kanin ito ... hehehe.

Aura said...

Mura na dito ngayon ang crabs francesca.

We can even buy now a live crab at the price of 5 euros a kilo and so true,yung paa ay mas mahal at mas madaling kainin.

Aura said...

Eric pareho tayo, tamad din akong maglinis ng crab lalo na pag gusto ni hubby na gawin ko yung portuguese way that i have to clean ang seperate all the meats to prepare a " petisco or pulutan in tagalog"

The meat and the roe "aligi" are prepared and mixed with choped olives,pickles,boiled egg,mayonaise.mustard mied all together. To be spread and eaten on a piece of toasted bread.

And as for your grink? A bottle of a good chiled white wine!

Matrabaho but masaraaapp!!