Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Boca do Inferno,Cascais

When spring time comes, i always think of flowers in bloom,happy birds singing and preparing for their nest,beautiful blue sky, beach,sunshine,etc.,etc...But not this spring,someday we might experience 2 or 3 days of good weather then the rest of the week will be cloudy,rainy and windy.Our climate has become so unstable and unpredictable now a days.

We are experiencing bad weather conditions since yesterday that according to our weather forecaster this condition may last up to thursday.

Last week end,we planed to go to the beach as we can see the sun shining so bright so we thought it might be a good day for a swim and sun bath but before we even got out of the house,the sun disapeared.
So,instead we just drive by the marginal and at least be at the sea side,stop in one area and just have a walk.( Hubby was not on to walking as he´s having problem with his leg,he said.Excuse,excuse!!) He prefers to be seated driving the car than walking.

Anyway, with my insistence he finally stoped the car in one place called "Boca do Inferno" which means "Mouth of Hell" is a chasm located on a cliffy seashore close to Cascais town.The sea has acess to the deep bottom of the chasm and vigorously srikes its rocky walls.This area is also a tourist attraction.

Here,we followed a diver when we saw what he had in his fish net and requested him if we can have a picture of him and his catch. He was kind enough to oblidge us and here he showed us what i thought to be a king crab.He said ,the "santola" must weight about 2 kgs. and hubby jokingly said it will be a big banquet for him and his friends.And he agreed that the crab will be prepared for his family & friends for the next day.
In portuguese they call it "Santola" and the crab is called "Caranguejo" so i guess santola is just a crab family that it might be called "spider crab" in english.I had a taste of this santola in a fishing village in the north during my first visit to portugal.It was very good!

Boca do Inferno is a very dangerous place to be especially during bad weather condition as you will see from the battered rock formations in the photos. The authorities had barricaded some dangerous areas for the people not to cross or trespass but as i can see there are still several men around the cliff with their fishing rods.And i already heard many times in the news that during bad weather conditions,these men or even tourist that are not careful and just fascinated to come near the cliff and watch the strong and big waves coming to batters the cliff were already taken to the sea and often times their bodies are never found.

Near the roadside,there were also stalls of local products such as embroidered table cloths,towels,handicraft and my favorite are the beautiful colorful potteries in the shape of pumpkin,carrot and cabbage pitcher or bowls as shown below.


Francesca said...

aba, panay gala mo, aura, sarapbuhay!

onga ganda ng mga pumpkin figurines.

Mahal siguro yan?

Aura said...

Hi Francesca, week ends lang kasi ang time ni hubby na mag relax and to do that we must go some place. At saka maraming pasyalan dito sa portugal na malalapit lang.

About the potteries,i have no idea about the prices.nakalimutan kung magtanong ng price.

Herman Verbrugge said...

That again was a nice outing! I like the first photo of the solid rock at the coast. And the spider crab is really a big one. Have a nice day you two.
BTW is that the Philippine language Francesca used? And what you wrote back sounds a little bit as Malaysians as spoken in Indonesia :-)

Aura said...

Hi Herman! Yes are right Francesca wrote in our national language which is "Tagalog" and my answer was also in tagalog and english.

Philippines must have a national language that every body must learn in the school together with the english and spanish language

We have many dialects in philippines but their are twelve known regional languages as you presumed our language is similar to the malays,indonesian, chinese who were the early setlers in philippines even before a portuguese explore serving spain discovered philippines and later we adopted some spanish words in our tagalog language.

Rebecca said...

Wow, that is some crab!! Must have been a good dinner. It is the same everywhere by the sea when the weather is bad. People are just attracted to the violence and beauty of the sea and sadly, they often get into difficulty...Those bowls and pots shaped like veggies are very popular here and sell for quite a bit! It always makes me laugh when I know they are to be had for a lot less in the original markets..

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Aura said...

Thank you for your visit Rebecca.