Thursday, 11 October 2007

Day of New Experience

Coming out of the Stoa of Atallos museum, and after 3 hours of walked around Acropolis, i was so thirsty that I told hubby that we should come back another day for the other places in Acropolis to visit. There are no stall or shop inside where you can buy water or any drink.

But as we got out of the exit door, hubby spotted a dringking fountain...I was so relieved that finally i can drink water,water & more water!! I gave the camera and a shopping bag to hubby to secure it while im dringking then i went inside the comfort room nearby.

Toilet was very clean, the only problem i encountered for a while is the position of the flush of the toilet tank, i looked on the wall, above the ceiling, then i told myself it must be automatic flush as the toilets in Amsterdam, i waited a minute ,nothing. Then I look down, there it was on the floor a small rounded metal next to the seat, just press down the button with your feet and alelluja!!

To use the faucet to wash our hand is the same way, while your feet press the button on the floor you´ll have the water running!! Different countries, different ways !!

I then met hubby outside, we were both feeling better and relieved..He then sugested one more stop to the Temple of Apollo, Oh No!!! Its almost 3:00 Pm , we must eat!! Of course he was only teasing me as he knows I have bad humour when im hungry...

We then asked for information where is the nearest way out to go to the restaurants across the street that we can see from the museum. The guides pointed us the way and off we go.

But along the way, I could´nt resist to take a photo of the 3 beautiful sculpture on the way to the Temple of Apollo.I asked hubby for our camera, he said its not with him as he remembered i was the one taking photos inside the Stoa. I insisted that i gave it to him while i was dringking water. We run back to the Stoa, hubby went straight to the mens toilet and myself, i sat down in one of the bench thingking the worst! There are so many people around, im afraid we will not find the camera. I saw hubby coming out of the mens toilet empty handed, talked to one of the guides. I also talked to one near me, I told her what happened, she said it will be difficult to find something we lost when there are so many people who comes and goes .

When hubby came to me, he made a gesture we should leave but I did´nt moved, thingking about all those photos we took, all the pleasures and trouble we´ve been through taking photos! I felt sad even with the assurance that hubby said we´ll buy a new camera and we´ll come back to take photos again. I just remained seated.......Then hubby turned his back to me, walked again in the direction of the toilet, When he came out i saw him with a smile on his face and waving the camera for me to see!!! He found it!!!!

He said he found it right at the corner behind the door where he droped the shopping bag so that he can wash his hands, not knowing or feeling that the camera sliped from his wrist and fell outside the bag. He went back in the toilet recollecting his memory and luckily for us, the camera was still there waiting to be recovered!!!
The three sculptures behind me were the reason why i remembered our camera..I dont even remember their names and even we did´nt do justice of their photos as the sun was already behind them. Thank you guys!!!

That was our experience of the day!!


Mai said...

It's so good, Aura. The final you got your camera.
I see you are so happy with your hubby.
God bless you.
Mai Lan

Aura said...

Thank you Mai Lan!!

Bless you too and the family!!