Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Polo Barong or Barong Tagalog

Polo Barong is a less formal version of Filipino national dress called "Barong Tagalog". The Barong Tagalog is used for a more formal ocassion, it is hand embroidered and the fabric is made of "piña" (pineapple) leaves or "jusi" fabric made from abaca or banana silk. It must be worn untucked.

Whereas the Polo Barong is usually worn as office wear or as in any less formal ocassion. Materials used is ramie or cotton fabric and unlike the Barong, this Polo Barong is machine embroidered.

Yesterday, I was busy cleaning and removing summer clothes from the closet to give way for our winter clothes. Now, just thingking about all the clothes that I have to wear on cold winter days made me wishful of our island holidays in Philippines.

Anyway, I started clearing my hubbys clothes by starting with his daily office wear . When I finished folding his Polo shirts and T- shirts, I realized that he was not able to wear all his Polo Barong this summer. Then I started counting , he has 6 pcs of short sleeves polo barong and 5 long sleeves . He enjoys wearing the polo barong ( even if his mom & children dont like to see him wearing it) because he says, he´s comfortable with it. As it is worn untucked , he has more freedom of movement.
Pictures below of hubbys Polo Barong office wear.
For me and even hubby thinks they are nice... Dont you think so?


Senor Enrique said...

I like them a lot!

I had purchase some cotton fabrics in Divisoria and plan to have them made as long-sleeved polo barong. Your husband is right, they're more comfortable since you need not tuck them in.

By the way, I was had a more formal barong Tagalog custom made for me. I blogged about it here:



Aura said...

I like them too SE!! I always appreciate our countrymen wearing the Barong either for officewear or formal ocassions.
Even with hubby, he looks well with the Barong.I´ll have one tailor made for me next time i come to Mla.It´s been so long since I last wear one,nakalakihan ko na ang barong ko.hahaha!

Senor Enrique said...

I want to lose some weight first before I have some new ones custom-made ... hehehe.