Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Breaking the Rule at the Palace

Yesterdays post was about "Palacio de Pena" in Sintra and i´ve shared photos from the exterior part of the palace showing mostly the beatiful and diversified style in architecture.

We are not allowed to take photos inside, i broke the rule (could´nt resist it even though security are all over)as i wanted a souvenir photo for myself to keep and now i would like to share it as well.

First, was the beautiful sitting room with a beautiful work of art in limestone or white marble (i think) at the ceiling. We cant go inside, the door is blocked with glass baricade.This photo was taken while hubby was the look out for the security.

Next was the Royal dining room, showing dinnerwares at the table and on the other side are the silverwares.

Now, i´m not sure wether this was the Kings bedroom (i guess it was), the reading room next to it then the bathroom.Last was the observatory room of the King.

After these photos, i was not able to take more as the securities started following us closely when they perceived we´ve been taking pictures.
Therefore,the Queens and her lady in waiting bedrooms,the family room and other guest rooms were spared.I can only be happy with what i´ve got.

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