Friday, 19 October 2007

Portuguese Arroz de Marisco

Coming back home to Lisbon after our Greek holiday, I craved for a typical portuguese dish called " Arroz de Marisco ( Seafood Rice) "

It was Sunday, hubby picked up mom in law in her house to have lunch with us. As I still have jet lag and dont have all the ingredients at home to prepare the Arroz de Marisco, we decided to eat in a restaurant in Guincho along the coastline of Cascais, about half an hour drive from our place. We have´nt been there for many years now as the restaurant is always full and their food and service is becoming pricey as well.

As expected, we waited almost an hour seated in the bar area, along with a dozen people who came ahead of us. Finally, when a table for three was set, the person in charge lead us to a table with a beautiful view as i´ll show you in the photos below. Our starter, while waiting for the" Arroz "which by the way not really "Marisco " as i first mentioned but instead, they changed the menu and its now called "Arroz de Lagosta ( Lobster)", we had a small plate of thinly sliced "Presunto ( cured smoked ham)", another plate of a local "Queijo ( cured cheese)",local bread and a bottle of the cold white wine .
Photo shown below is the outside view, next is our photo, mom in law , hub & I.
Pls click photos to enlarge.

Can you see the beautiful pot aof Arroz de Lagosta below and my plate??? It was yummy!!! We cleaned well that pot of arroz!!! ( And its a good thing we did as we found out later that we paid 62.50 euros for that dish alone) I´m not complaining, as it was worth it though.....By the way, a lot of prawns was also added to this dish.
Whereas, Arroz de Marisco is a mixture of different kinds of seafoods such as mussels, crab, prawn,and other shellfish, the preparation is always the same.

I adore Portuguese food that even though I can eat and enjoy tasting food from different countries, within a week or two,I will start longing for the portuguese dishes especially the seafoods and also their very rich variety of sweets made from egg yolks.
Of course I´m not excluding my native dish that i also adore, which is also quiet simillar to the portuguese and spanish dishes.


Senor Enrique said...

My mouth was watering while reading your post and looking at the photos of your meal :)

The closest to Portuguese food I enjoyed in NYC was at this Brazilian restaurant, Cabana Carioca, in Manhattan. The price was affordable while the serving was hefty :)

Aura said...

SE, masarap talaga ang arroz de marisco nila! Not difficult to prepare, nasa rice lang ang trick and a good tasty mixture of seafoods to add.The differebce is , portuguese seafoods are really tasty..malalasahan mo ang lasa ng tubig dagat!
The portugueses has so many ways of preparing rice. Ex. arroz de tomate(tomato) or with cenoura(carrot) or with ervilhas & cenoura( green peas & carrot) to be eaten with fish fillet or breaded pork meat.
Hubby used to asled me why the filipinos dont invent other ways of preparing rice other than just eating our viands with just plain white rice?
The Brazilian food is not really the same as the Portuguese foods but I also like their "feijoada a brazileira" but there are also lots of brazilian restaurants here.