Friday, 12 June 2009

1st Night Out In Hong Kong

For a firstime traveller to an asian country,please be warned that most shops and restaraunts closes as early as 20:30 hrs.Therefore no shopping after 20.30 on roadside shops or eating in restaurants after 10:30,except of course in the hotels.

After a long rest in the hotel,hubby and i are ready to have our first meal of the day.It was 20:00 hrs and i did´nt want to eat in the hotel so we ventured outside to find a place to eat.There were still some small roadside restaurants open but my attention was caught on a bigger restaurant nearby when i saw a lot of clients inside.So we went in and was immediately ushered on a table,and served a pot of tea and the list of menu they served written in chinese with english translation.

Hubby and I (picture below)looking fresh after a long rest from our 24 hrs journey to HK.

The waitress does not speak english ,she has to call somebody who can.Service is very quick and so with their english,i cant understand the explanation she made with regards to my question.So,i ordered a steamed fish,a plate of vege,and fried rice with prawns.The waitress pointed us to an aquarium to choose the fish to be steamed.Hubby went there to check and take photos as i choose a small grouper,one of the fish on the photo (poor thing :))

Food arrived and served within few minutes.Typically chinese way of cooking,everything is cooked and done quickly.The secret? all ingredients are prepared beforehand,a Wok and a strong fire!! Food was perfect but be warned with your bill,we paid more than 60 euros for this order!!

Here are the dishes we ordered,it was too much for us!!

Guess where we had our coffee and dessert???

As they dont serve coffee in the restaurant,so we went to McDo nearby to have a coffee and an apple pie!! Not bad!! Chinese food for dinner and western coffee and dessert to end the night.

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