Monday, 15 June 2009

Visiting HK History Museum

Not wanting to avail of some travel agencies package tour on our first day,we ventured on our own with just a guide map at hand and an Octopus card that you can use for your transportation (bus and metro)
You can buy the card at any metro station counter for as low as 20 HK $ or more (depends of how long you intend to use public transport).Just make sure you validate the card each time you used it. By using the card,transport fee comes cheaper than when you are paying straight to the bus driver for your transport.The card also gives discount for seniors citizen,no need to show your ID to prove your age.
Anyway,hubby´s card came out cheaper than mine :)And so by taking the metro we started our tour at HK history & space museum located at Chatham road,Tsim Sha Tsui.

Riding the metro can be a lot easier and quicker than bus but with the bus,you will see more and appreciate Hong Kongs tall buildings

Photos below:

After the visit,we had our lunch ,roam around the shopping area then back to our hotel where we had our dinner

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