Friday, 13 February 2009

Hello! ,Ola! ,OI!,Kumusta! ,Ni Hao!, Marhaba!

They are the only simple greetings i know in different languages....

It´s been a while since my last entry and and my excuse is i´ve been away for a long vacation in my homeland,the philippines in the far east 45 days to be exact. So many places visited ,so many events happened during this period and i dont even know how & where to begin.

We left,Dec.4,2008 on an early morning KLM flight from Lisbon to Amsterdam then another 11 hrs direct flight Hong Kong arriving the following morning Dec.5,2009.
Hong Kong Int´l airport was built on a a large artificial island reclaimed from two former islands that were leveled and is connected to the northern side of Lantau island.

As we got out of plane,we expected to get into a bus to take us to the terminal building but no instead,we followed the signs & movement of co-passengers going up and down the escalators until all the passengers stoped in front of a glass sliding door.
Bewildered, i asked hubby,"are we going to catch a train?" and he said,"I dont know,we better asked the airport guard" I asked one passenger instead and he said the train will take us to the terminal.


And so we did and it took us maybe a minute or two before we arrived at the terminal building then another ride in the escalator up.On our way to the immigration,we heard a chinese security screaming to a filipino #$%&?#?!!" Take off your cap!!!!" I guess that was what she was screaming about as we saw the filipino immediately took his cap off.We wondered why its not allowed to wear a cap inside the airport??

Half an hour more on queu to pass thru the immigration,our passport was stamped with a ninety days stay visa and then we´re free admiring the huge building,taking some pictures and finally went to look for a desk to get some information where we can take a taxi to go to our hotel,the guy asked whats the name of the hotel and the location,i told him the name & location of the hotel then he pointed us to another desk where they attend to hotel clients.After all the formalities,name of hotel,name of clients,they gave us a sticker to put on our shirt and we´re told to wait for the driver that will take us to our hotel.

When finally we reach our hotel at about 11:00,we we´re really dead tired to even think of having lunch. Opened our lugage to get some fresh clothes,took a shower then off to bed till evening...

By the way i forgot to mention that while on our way out of the airport i saw a sign for a place inside where you can take your shower or have a massage . It could have been a good idea to take,is´nt it?? Massage and a shower at the airport!!! Great idea for a weary traveller like us.

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