Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Food Experience

The hotel where we stayed for 7 days in HK,4-5 mts walk to the metro station,bus stop on the other side of the street,45 mts by hotel bus to and from the airport.

And another photo of a building with other buildings reflected on the glass ,picture taken in a bus while passing thru.

We went to Stanley Market that day by bus that took us about 40 mts to get there. Stanley market is the best place to shop for bargains though we are not really interested in shopping to avoid having excess luggage as we are still flying to Manila , but as usual we could´nt resist buying souvenirs like HK T-shirts and a D & G fake bag as requested by one of my daughter in law.Prices are not really as cheap as we thought it would be as we found out later when we were already in manila.


Photos at the market of beautiful orchid flowers and fruits below:

We walked & walked around the stalls to see what we can find interesting up to the last shop, only to end up to a find some food stalls by the seaside promenade.Nothing much to eat except sandwiches,we are feeling hungry and we´re looking for something warm to fill our stomach.Its quite cold that day and we did´nt bring a proper clothing to keep us warm.
Finally we left the area to find and ask people a place to eat.Nada,we cant locate the restaurant that somebody said we can eat well.

Within the market,i saw a signboard looking promising with nice photos of noodles soup (picture below).We cant see the inside so i challenge nubby to give it a try,remembering our experience in a small restaurant in singapore.He laugh and said " lets go!!" we were so hungry that we can eat anything,lol!!

We pass thru a small alley as you can see in one of the photos below:

The alleyway and the anbience was full house!! Then a guy walk us thru in a small room with electric fan and 3 tables set (the room must be a sleeping quarter at night)
We ordered won ton soup with noodles and beef noodles,H2o for me and a beer for hubby.Then hubby pointed to another delicacy he wans to taste,fried crispy fish skin,i said ok,anything goes when were hungry.

The menu and in front of our table in one corner a place for offering:

The Dining Area and our Special room:

The Kitchen and Service counter:

Did we enjoy our food?? Its just another day of food experience,we´re just glad we did´nt upset our stomach.

We ate in the hotel that evening to compensate ......

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