Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Despedida Dinner with my family

While in Manila and 2 days before our departure,we arranged a dinner out with my family.

The Venue was in "DAMPA"(in my language it means a small & humble native house).The place is a food center where in you can choose anyone of the food stalls with in and bring your shopping bag of seafoods or meat to be cooked anyway you like it paying a sum of lets say 1-2 euros per kilo for every dish you order.Other ingredients is on the house,just bring the fish or meat and ask them to prepare it grilled,fried,sauted,etc.etc. Because Dampa is a seperate area within Farmers Market,you can buy everything fresh in the market.

I had a last minute comitment and lunch date with some of my friends that day and combined dinner with my family at 7:30,we were coming late so i phoned my son to shop for the seafoods that i have in mind and have it already prepared while waiting for us.We arrived 30 minutes late.Mom told me that my Auntie was already having tantrums because of hunger and i asked them to order something else to eat before dinner is serve but we did´nt wait long ,dinner was served within 15 mts upon our arrival.Drinks are to be bought seperately,beer for the men,water or juice for the children and fresh cocunut juice for the older ladies.

Here below are some photos:

We had butter & garlic prawns,calamares,grilled squid,roasted pork meat(lechon kawali),sweet & sour lapu lapu (small grouper)and a delicious head of salmon fish soup ( sinigang na ulo ng isda)supose to be for the children as they like soup but we all end up sharing the soup.

After everybody is satisfied with their stomach,this is what became of my grandchildren later. I have been hearing a commotion & laughter from some people as if they´re having fun and they really are.I look around & saw my grandchildren on a stage acting and posing as super heroes for pictures,lol!!!

My grandchildren on stage. Only one is missing in the picture.she was not able to come as she´s in the province 300 kms from manila.

My youngest son J.Michael with 3 of his children.A happy and proud father of 4 lovely children


Francesca said...

hey aura, its been a long time I visited you here, sorry, kasi minsan wala new post, eh last june pa pala eto, and ang saya saya naman, mapuntahan din yan kasi nasa cubao area kami lagi ni Lolo when in Manila.

Siya, all the best and hope to hear from you all nice and healthy.

Aura said...

Thanks for droping by francesca! I come and visit you often pero invisible lang ako dahil sorry,tamad din akong magko comment.
I hope you & the family are allwell..
When in cubao,try dampa,masarap magpaluto dyan!! Cheaper & busog ka!

Herman said...

It sounds like you were in Paradise. :-) Nice post Aura.

Yet just one little question: Be so kind to change in your "Stop Overs" list the link to my blog "Herman" in: "", the link you are using leads to the old blog. Sorry for the inconvenience. :-)

Francesca said...

musta au, saan ka this winter? bon, i was here, yun lang...

Mae said...

Hello Aura!:) came across your website when I was trying to search for Filipinos in Portugal. Interested to know more about Portugal. Do you mind if I ask for your email add so I can contact you directly? Hope to hear from you soon.