Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Shattered Day!!

I woke up with headache this morning so i got up to take my medication and a pill for headache. Hubby still at home and advised me to stay in bed as it was only 7:30 AM but as soon as he left home,i remembered to do something in the living and dining room to prepare and organize it in advance for the birthday party of hubby next week.

I immediately started my household task and was so concentrated with my work that when i heard a loud CRASH!!!??? made me turn my head and headed to the kitchen. To my surprise i saw shattered dark glasses on the floor.Thingking they were from an empty bottle of wine,i looked behind the door where hubby put them from last nights dinner,they are intact!!

This was the CULPRIT, THE OVEN GLASS DOOR!!! Broken!! Caputtt!!

Just like that with out being used since last week. How is it possible!??? I called for assistance as it was still under garanty. Unfortunately,i was told that oven door glass has no garanty cause it´s possible that the cause may have been from the way i used the oven that it may have suffered damaged from shock , Im the one who suffered a shock i said. An oven not even two yrs of use, this never happened to me before!!

Got so nervous that my headache worsened. Im going to prepare so many things for the party next week and i´ll be needing an oven. Service center cannot garanty that the glass can be replaced by next week.What should i do?? Hubby already invited friends!!

I will be gone for a few days with hubby starting tomorrow..I will try to relax and hope for better days next week!!

Wishing you all better days than mine!


Rebecca said...

What a thing to happen - several days have passed and maybe now you are home and the problem is being sorted out....has it been fixed? Good Luck with the party preps!

Francesca said...

what an excuse not to pay you the damage.

You ùust insist of the guarranty.
Madayang isurance policy.

Herman Verbrugge said...

Is there not an organization in Portugal which keep supervision on giving guarantees? Have you also called or written the manufacturer of the oven and told that the glass burst without doing anything? Bad service when they let you down.