Monday, 19 May 2008

Visit to the Orient Foundation Museum

Sorry for my long absence..Im still around,im still visiting and reading friends blogs but its just me....I sometimes like to just be on my own or be invisible at times.

Last week,hubby and I visited a newly inagurated building which hosted a Museum of the Orient Foundation.As a token, entrance fee for the museum was open and free for public during the weeekend.

Weather condition here still unpredictable... a bit cold ,cloudy,gloomy for this time of the year.It seems that we´ll be experiencing this kind of weather till the 21st of this month.

Anyway, we went to visit the museum last week at about 10:00 in the morning.At the ground floor was a showcase of all mask used by the previous and present generations of Asia.Another floor are showcases of costumes,religeous altars and Gods in Asian countries. We were allowed to take photos but not with flash,so some photos that i will post here are clear and some will be dark as it depends of the lighting in every showcase.

The first and second batch of photos are mask from India, cant explain so much for what porpose they use them for but as i remember from what i read that they are for ceremonies or rituals.

The more elaborate mask was being used by the Prince of Seraikala( State of Bihar)in the beggining of the 20th century. Aside from the Gods,ritual dances are presented during full moon in order to seduce young girls

Some mask from Java and Indonesia

In Bali,the barong Landong represent a couple from the habitants ancestor, Jero Gede & Jero that protects the comunity.The are carried and used in a ceremonial cremation during New Year

The above photos are mask from Thailand

Can no longer remember from which country these mask are from but all i can remember is that they are used during the dance of the lamas that shows the divinity that the dead will find before reincarnation.The other photo is a mask of Yak and the Queen of Demons.

I have many more to show but for now this will be all.I hope you enjoyed the tour..

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