Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Update about my whereabouts :)

I know i have´nt been around lately,some of you may have understood the reason behind it and the others may not know what i have been up to.

So many activities in the past 2 weeks and im am veerrryy tired...Oh,my poor back and feet needed a break !!!

Here´s an update of what i´ve been up too since the oven incident.May 21,2008

May 22-25,2008 - We went to Seville,Spain and stayed 4 days/3 nights in a beautiful and tranquil small 3 star hotel in Valencina de la Concepcion,about 15 minutes drive to the city center.

From Lisbon to Seville is a driving distance of about +- 500 kms.We left home at about 10:00 AM ,brave the torrential rain along the way which stoped when we already covered a distance of about 50 kms.

Hubby has to stop for a coffee at service stations whenever he feel the need to stretch his leg.I could´nt substitute him because i stopped driving 10 yrs ago.(already lost my confidence to drive long distance)and had our lunch in Olhão,Algarve near the border.

As we reach the border,it took us about an hour and a half to reach our destination,We got lost a bit but no problem,hubby stoped a police car to ask for direction and they were so kind to lead us the way to our hotel.

Introducing, the Vereda Real Hotel

The hotel was a pleasant surprise,so typical andalucian style.It was said that it was once a "Hacienda" before it was renovated and turned into a hotel.

The lobby from the reception area and right hand picture is at the 2nd floor on our way to our room

View from our bedroom window

I could´nt help posting more photos of the hotel as i was so impressed by it.I have to cut short this post re: the hotel for now. There are so many more stories to tell next time.

May 25 - we returned back home safe and sound,dead tired!!

Next day,the technician from Whirlpool Service Center came over with the intention to replace the glass of the oven door. Unfortunately,even if we gave the correct model description of the oven,he brought the wrong glass! I did´nt panic anymore,i already expected incompetency on their part, He said he will order the correct glass( it means they dont have any extras or stock in their warehouse). Again i told him that i´ll be needing the oven before the week end,he honestly answered that he could´nt garranty when he will receive the oven glass.If he receive it before,he will come over to do it on friday and he did´nt come,not even a phone call!

Anyway as i came back from a few days break,well recharge :),I didnt worry any more. I have to make do with the things i have at home. I was only worried about baking my sweets and the bithday cake. But thhis wonderful thing called "Turbo Oven Roaster" helped me deal with my dilemas.

Here´s a picture of the oven and some of the left over cake ,sweets and tartes that baked in this oven. First time i used it for this porpose.I usally use it only for roasting chicken or pork. This oven saved my day!

Forgot to take photos beforehand,that is why photos i present were left overs. The birthday cake (lefthand side) was a sucess!

From May 26 up to June 1st -
Cleaning,washing and preparation of hubby´s birthday party party..Finally,the Day has come last sunday and all went well! Hubby was happy to be with family and friends but like me,he was also very tired or maybe more tired than I,saw it from his face. He helped me a lot that day,he should be relaxing an enjoying his special day not working and helping me with the last minute preparations.

God willing next year,we´ll just invite family to eat in the restaurant.It´s just too much now for our age!(the price of getting old :)!! )

The appetizers on the table as set by the my assistant.Captain Rui Pinto,the tired birthday celebrant

Have a good day to all!!


Francesca said...

Hi aura! no wonder you didnt drop by in my bloghouse, nasa vacay ka pala.
That hotel is awesome!!!!

hey try to catch up in my blog, controversial ang Lola mo, nasa BIR TAX REGISTRATION topic.
See you there...

caryn said...

wow, that is a lovely hotel! hahaha! thanks for writing about it, the hubby and i were thinking of going to spain next year and this looks like a good place to pass by.