Thursday, 8 May 2008

Media and Events in Philippines

Whenever I see or hear news about Philippines, i get upset and feel sad and angry because the international media would only report and show footage about disasters and exploit about poverty and sufferings of the people.


I have also been around in most of the so called developed countries,i´ve also seen people living in degrading conditions, homeless people braving the cold winter sleeping on the street pavements or in the park.Young or old people requesting money to buy food, alcoholic drinks or drugs.We dont see them much during the day because the police authorities would´nt let them camp on public places.Its what the media here call the " HIDDEN HUNGER & POVERTY OF THE PEOPLE " People are ashamed to tell.

Whereas in a country of almost 90 million population like philippines,it´s not an easy task to take care and control the homeless or anyone who lives on the street .Police can get them out in one place in one day but they will be back the following day or others may come and take their places.

But one thing i can say about the Filipino people, even in times of crisis like the rise in prices of important commodities like rice. They still know how to live with what they have and enjoy life.

With the permision of a dear blogger friend in manila Señor Enriqueof Wish You Were Here, I copied some of his beautiful photos of the event few days ago in Manila. The ALIWAN FESTIVAL 2008

"Aliwan" means fun or enjoyment.This yearly event is the counterpart of the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro,Brazil. The only difference is that, women are well covered :),they dont dance the samba,and singing during the presentations is not also included. Its more of a choreograph dance skills in tune with the drum beatings. The representives usually comes from different provinces/regions dressed up in their ethnic costumes.There is a prize money too for the winners.

Here are some of the photos:

A young lady with a beautiful smile in her native costume,(not sure if this was the native dress of the Ifugaos in the Mountain province)And again a young boy that seem to be wearing a native dress worn by the muslims in Mindanao

Young girls that maybe waiting for their turn to represent, and the street dancers already on the move.

Feel like joining??!! I do!!

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Senor Enrique said...

I just saw on CNN a five-minute report on the slums of Tondo, Manila which was indeed appalling.

And you're right, I, too, have seen more destitute lives brought on by drug addiction in San Juan, Puerto Rico and Los Angeles than in the streets of Manila.

Too much, eh?

Many thanks for the special mention, Aura.

Francesca said...

i always visit senor enrique, bec its my update link to life in phils.
Those photos are awesome and cost a lot of money for a poor filipino budget, but thse kababayans still manage.

I LOVE PHILS for that. Despite poor conditions, we manage to smile and laugh, whom not many western countries couldnt do.

Herman Verbrugge said...

Media like TV, radio and certain magazines are always seeking for the worst in the world. They want us to believe that this is worth to be called "The News". Only big events like shown in the beautiful photos will reach the media because they are rare. Of course, there are situations that people in need deserve more attention. In my opinion it may never be meant to disgrace people.

Francesca said...

Musta aura, im visiting. Where are you na ba?