Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Just taking pictures

All the photos shown below were all taken with in an hour time. I´ve been meaning to take photo of a plane landing in the airport nearby since we arrived in Madeira and by luck it all happened early morning on our last day while i was in the balcony waiting for the sunrise.To my disappointment,no sunrise view as it was a cloudy day but instead I was entertained by the arrival and take off of the folowing planes and also the boat and ships passing by the sea. Guess, it was my lucky day!!

The arrival and landing of the plane passing so close to the hotel

And these were photos taken of a plane positioning and getting ready for take off

A patrol boat and a naval ship by the sea also crossing during that period.Hubby and I wondered why

Ferry on the left side is Porto Santo and the other is called "Nave" which is actually an old ship, for tourist who would like to experience a ride the old way in a sail ship and like the Porto Santo transports tourist at the nearby islands.


Francesca said...

Ganda nga!

Hope, okey lang ang ingay?

Amrita said...

good pictures