Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Football Night!!!

This sunday 03.02.08 was raining all day in most part of Portugal.A day we chose to watch a football game between teams that hubby and I suports ( hubby on one side and I on the other)after so many years of absence in the stadium.We just renewed our membership in a club called FC Belenense in Belem,where we regularly use their swimming pool facilities for our exercise.
Photo of the stadium before the game

The stadium is located in the historical area of Belem where the 500 yr old Tower of Belem and Jeronimos Monastery is also located,From the stadium,we can also view the River Tejo,the Ponte 25 de Abril brige and the Cristo Rei facing the river.

Day before the game,hubby asked me if i would like to watch football in the stadium and i answered.." I prefer to watch the game on TV besides,i heard a weather forecaster saying that tomorrow will be rainy and windy day!" He argued we need a change and enjoy the game live in open air,so i gave in and we bought the ticket.
I was never exposed to football games before( in Phil.we like to watch basketball) until i met hubby, we were still in Dubai at that time.And as i have this shirt that i like to wear a stripe of green and white color,he always remind me of a club in portugal who wears that color Club is SCP(Sporting Club of Portugal).Since then i became a fan of this club..Team in green and white is Sporting and blue and white is Belenenses team

Policemen with his dog around the premises Team playing that evening is FC Belenense/Sporting Club of Portigal.Hubby is a faithful suporter of the club being a hockey player of Belenense in his young days.And I became a Sporting fan since my arrival in Portugal just to tease hubby and to contradict him.

This half naked guy with the flag is an avid fan of Belenense,he likes to exhibit his bare torso even on a cold winter day

The day has come,we both prepared ourselves to face the cold,windy and rainy night.We left home 30 minutes before the game starts ,hubby tried to get a parking space closer to the stadium but it was not possible.Anyway, we did´nt mind walking a bit..At the entrance gate we showed our ticket to a person in charge,few steps ahead was a police control where we were body search for dangerous weapons( just like in the airport control,really!!)another check point for ticket then we were inside.

And myself all geard for the ocassion with some men in the background curious and speaking about me until they made up their mind and decided to think that im a chinese in transit,came to watch football for experience so that i can tell my people backhome in china about european football.GRRRRR!! Cant they hear hubby speaking with me in Portuguese? And i also have to put up with all their screamings and swearing when the referee makes mistake and so and so forth...
Anyway,luckily for us, rain threathened us a bit but later stoped all through the game.I also did´nt feel much cold although it was about 13ºc and my team lost and hubby happy about his team winning 1-0 over my sporting.

Well that is football,who marks a goal wins!! Better luck next time...


Amrita said...

you seem to be enjoying the game. I like football too.Glad the rain didn 't stop. Watching a game live is much more fun.

Nihal said...

Hi again Saude,
I hope that this quick note finds you in the best of health, and brings a smile to your face:) Ohh.. time's been really hectic for me recently, and finally I'm back to catch my reading-up on some of favorite journals like yours:)
As far as football, I like watching it but usually I prefer it on tv. My sister says that it's much more fun on the stadium, however I have not experienced it yet. My concentration is just on UEFA EURO2008, remaining less than 5 mths:)

Aura said...

So true Amrita,watching football live is much more fun .you get the feel of the excitement of the game.

As for Nijal,welcome back and i hope you are well too!!
Try to get the feel of watching football live,its a different experience than just watching it on tv!
Did you know that portugal and turkey are in the same group in the Euro 2008 games?