Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Sunny days in Algarve

Algarve,South of Portugal,a popular tourist destination because of its fine beaches and mediterranean climate.

The apart/hotel where we stayed for 4 days

The last part of Portugal to be reconquered from the moorish rule.More than five centuries (8th to 13th century) of Moorish influence has left their mark in the region,beginning with the actual name "Al Gharb" meaning The West.The long Moorish occupation can still be noted in the name s of the towns and villages and so with the architecture of monuments,the lacework pattern of the balconies,roof,terraces and chimneys or the typical whitewashed house in the villages.

Typical houses in small village

It was a 3 hour drive from Lisbon,hubby likes to drive calmly and always try to stop once or twice for a coffee at the service stations along the way to stretch and relax our legs.

Arriving in Algarve at about 2:30 pm, we stoped at a roadside cafe restaurant to ask for direction and to know if they still serve lunch.The owner said they have only one dish to serve which is "Atum a Algarvia" (Tuna steak the Algarve way).Hubby look at me,raised his eyebrow and i nodded. We sat on the table,munched on the olives that was on the table,ate a piece of bread with butter and drink a glass og wine while we waited for our tuna steak to be serve.

This was the big plate of Tuna that i had for lunch.Had to share part of it to hubby as i cant eat it all!

It was a well served lunch and we ate very well! And you know what? GOOD PRICE TOO! We only paid 17.50 euros for 2 servings of tuna,a jar of a good local red wine,olives, bread,caramel puding for dessert and 2 cups of espresso.We could´nt believe the price we paid for all that!

I noted the interior decoration of the restaurant,it is something different from anything that i have seen before,very original!!The ceiling and parts of the walls are decorated with differnt kinds of old tools used in the old days.

We stayed in an apart/hotel in a quiet area known as Nossa Senhora da Rocha (Our Lady of the Rock) at Armação de Pera,which was originally a small fishing village where tuna used to be caught and brought up onto the "Praia dos Pescadores" (Fishermans Beach.)

After resting for a while,we decided to go for a walk nearby up to the small romasque chapel of " Senhora da Rocha" (Our lady of the Rocks)where the fishermens go for prayers before setting of for night fishing.It was also said that there was a vision of the virgin Mary.

Overlooking the chapel is this small beach which is only one of the many small beaches in the area.You can also go on a boat trip along the coastal area to see the beautiful rock formations,caves and grottos.Algarve is a wonderful place for taking photographs. I will show you more on my next post.
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Amrita said...

beautiful place. Was in the news last year I remember

Francesca said...

Oy, oy, oy!

sarap non ha!tuna with sauce tomate and potatoes!!!!!

just ofr it, (and the price) I would visit algarve!!!

day, kelan kaya, lol