Monday, 18 February 2008

Rainy days are here again!

Have you ever experienced waking up at night confused because of something that you hear while deeply sound asleep? I did at dawn this morning! Rumbling thunder,lightning and torential rain beating at the shutter window,and also accompanied by the firemens sirene! What a night!!

Water can still be seen in part of the school near our building

This winter,it did´nt rain so much but as the saying goes "When it rains,it really pours" and its what happened today and as the weather forecaster said until the next 3 days.

So,what do we do at home on cases like this? Cant do much ...but i´ll be busy anyway as i have an appointment with my doctor after lunch.

Speaking about lunch,i´m longing to prepare and eat "Portuguese Cozido(boiled)" which consist of pieces of chicken,pork belly,spare ribs,veal meat.Aside from the meats,different types of "Enchidos" like chouriço de carne(pork meat)chouriço de sangue (blood chouriço similar to the english black puding) morcela (meat and blood)farenheira(pork meat and fat and bread).The chouriços are also boiled apart from the meat.Oh,i almost forgot! All these are eaten with rice, boiled with the water from where you boil the chouriços,boiled white beans,boiled vegetables like carrot,cabbage and turnips.

You must be saying "WHAT? ALL THIS FOOD IN ONE MEAL? Yes,its true!Im not joking,we eat all this in just one meal.Even if it has to be a just piece of each of all the ingredients i mentioned above.That will be still a lot of things in your plate.Of course eating cozido will not be the same if you dont have a good portuguese red wine to go with it.
This photo shows the different types of chouriços

So,you see,how can i go on diet in this country? My husband would tell me,EAT! its a diet food because they are all boiled! True,except that the chouriços are with pork fat.Anyway,i really like this dish and i always try to eat more vege than the meat itself.Now im getting hungry and i have no more time to prepare this dish so i´ll just eat some leftovers from the week end.Besides,the doctor advice me to reduce my weight of 74.5kgs( need to reduce 10 kgs.How?HELP!) with my 1.69 height and take care of my diet as im on medication due to high blood pressure.I just check my BP now its 153/93 a bit lower than yesterday.Guess i must control my cravings for "Cozido" LOL!!

By the way,as for the filipino readers,"Cozido" is similar and a richer version of our more simple "Nilaga" in Philippines.Whenever i go on holiday to my country ,i usually bring with me chouriços to make my nilaga at home prepared the portuguese way and my family adore it!!They always asked me to bring chouriço and bacalau (cod fish)and also caned sardines.

Back to reality...We also started our day without water and no cable tv.The later is not important but water yes! Its a good thing hubby realized the situation when he got up earlier than usual that he managed to save a bit of water for his bath. And myself? I always have a reserved of 2 containers with 5 liters each of water on standby in cases like this.

I heard on the radio that a lot of flooded areas in Lisbon,an old building collapse. that made some people homeless and landslide by the riverside has also taken two lives and the usual heavy transit all around.


Francesca said...

I KNOW, maganda beach sa Lisbon.

Uy, gusto ko yang cozido nilaga mo.
Ma try nga yang with sausages...

Feel ko tuloy mag sandok uli sa kusina, haha.

POT AU FEU ulama namin, beef nilaga french style naman with thym, herbes provincial and dahon lawrel. Ewan, pero pwede na, masarap na rin, daanin na lang sa beef cubes, haha.
Haay, pag dating sa food, nagkakaisa mga pinoy!!!

Aura said...

So true francesca..we have beautiful beaches here in portugal but nothing compared sa atin..malamig ang tubig dito!!Sa Algarve(south of portugal) ay warmer ang sea at mas ok mag beach dun!
If you can find portuguese choriços,better for your nilaga dahil mas masarap lalo na pag smoked choriço.