Monday, 25 February 2008

Bits and Pieces

During the wet,gloomy days of last week,i decided to take advantage of the rain to clean the balcony where i have a small place for my plants.Its the only open area i have and also for hanging washed clothes.

As its difficult for me to clean that area with out using plenty of water and detergent aside from following rules and regulations re: this matter, that we can only water our plants,clean and let the water run thru the balcony drainage at 8:00 Pm till 8:00 AM which is not practical because there are still people who arrives and also leave for work at this time.(I´ve already received complaints from neighbours who got wet not noticing the dripping water above them)

Anyway,removing old plants and planting new ones to flower in spring was my porpose. To my surprise,i discovered that i had a crop of sweet potato in one of the flower pots.Although i know that they normally yield crop when planted ,i still did´nt expect them to grow in a limited space as this pot.
For this,i got encouraged and now i tried to experiment planting this..does anyone recognize it? Its that headpiece of pineapple.We´ll see if i can get this to bear fruit.AM I ASKING TOO MUCH? Just wishing....
Oh!!Weeks ago, i also planted a seed of lemon and its now growing in this pot as seen next to the pineapple plant.

Now,i´m on to herb plants,already bought seeds of parsley,coriander,basil and thyme. They are already in a covered bed ,just waiting for them to start to grow the first 4-5 leaves then i´ll transplant them to thier own pots.

Oh,how i really wish to have my own organic herb and vegetable garden!!!I can only do this backhome to my homeland ( still dreaming and wishing for hubby to come to terms)

By the way,we´ve already eaten the sweet potato yesterday..I prepared a pork loin baked in the oven with small young onions and dried seedless plums(pork is marinated in garlic,paprika,thyme,salt,juice of lemon and orange)accompanied and served with baked sweet potato and rice with garlic and almonds. As for the gravy,you can add white wine,madeira or port wine in the baking pan where the meat was baked.This gives a delicious gravy!!


Amrita said...

your balcony garden looksvery nice.Really flourishing. I 'd like to pland pineapple.

The pork sounds so good.pork is very expensive here. It is a rare treat for us.

We also had a crop of sweet potatos

Francesca said...

hey, you must have a green thumb!

Must be the weather too that helps those plants to live/survive.

If ganyan ang climate sa inyo, orchids tyak dadami sa garden mo.