Friday, 14 December 2007

Not all that glitter is gold

A bit late writting about EU/African Summit but, as i already started with yesterdays post regarding the signing of the reformed EU Treaty,i would now want to share bits and pieces of this event...

Family picture of the Eu/African summit which was also held in Lisbon a week before the signing of the EU Treaty (yesterdays post).

53 Heads of African states and 23 EU members attended the summit


Human rights violation,Immigration,Trade relations,Funds,etc.,etc...


The invitation and arrival of President Mugabe of Zimbabwe ( banned to travel in EU )

Uk´s PM Gordon Brown boycotting the summit ( informing in advance that he would not attend if Mugabe is invited)

Libya´s President Khadafi´s early arrival with his 200 entourage,which by the way also brought 12 camels with him (Dont asked me why,i dont not know the answer.I did´nt see the camels on TV)

Former UN President Mr Khofi Hannan and Pres. Khadafi shaking hands

Whats this? Am I interpreting this correctly?
Pres. Khadaffi in a relaxed mood resting his arm on the shoulder of this lady?

Conclusion of the event? I have no idea as in the news,they talk more about controversies than the agenda itself.The Portuguese EU Presidency terminates at the end of the year and as expected the PM is satisfied with sucess of the EU/African Summit and the signing of EU Treaty.

Have a nice weekend to all!!


Red Ink said...

Ghadaffi and Mugabe in the same room ? If they are alone, please add one hand grenade and retire quickly.

Amrita said...

I read about this summit.Imagine all those controversial men. Gaddafi looks cool for a change.

Apun Ka Desh said...

Hey.. i like that phrase: "Family Picture" .. hehehe.

Good Pics. Publish more pics from Portugal. Do you know the Portugal India connection?

Portuguese had some presence in India until a few decades ago!