Tuesday, 18 December 2007

About Mariza and her Fado

For those who wants to learn more about Mariza....

Winner of the World Music Award in 2006. Mozambique born, 29 year old called Mariza Reis Nunes, is among those 21st century young artist who modernized the traditional Portuguese music Fado.

Arrived in Portugal with her family at the age of three,Mariza has spent most of her life living in Lisbon picturesque Moraria district the heart of fado culture.Moulded fado in her own style is no reflection of her background as she succinctly puts it: " Half of me is very,very portuguese and the other half is very, very african" As she feels the need to satisfy her hunger for rythm and to swing to sing fado, she subtly changed and re arranged the roles of its main instruments ( the portuguese guitar and most crucially the bass).

Besides,she also likes to dance.Her exquisite floor lenght designer dress makes it look as if she´s levetating over the stage as she does so,rocking back and forth like an art deco statue brought to life with her trademark hairstyle of short silver hair and long black necklace.Aside from a very strong and magnetic stage presence,her voice is to die for....

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Amrita said...

very stylish lady

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She is a very attractive lady.

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