Friday, 7 December 2007

Amazing Progress in Dubai !!

Im really amazed at the speed of progress in Dubai,UAE....I guess its the most modern city now in the world! Cant say its because of their oil reserves that is making this progress possible,because as far as i know they dont have much compared to their neighbours,Saudi Arabia or Kuwait.Well my guess is,its the open minded,visionary rulers and talents of both locals and expats working for them that made everything possible for this progress Dubai being a Global City ( Of course,the oil reserves helped too!).

Dubai even now hold the record of having the tallest building in the world,the Burj Dubai Tower which is now on its 156 floors and construction still going on.They have a very good sales marketing strategy,targeting the famous people.It was said that all apartments has been sold even before construction started.

Below is the video I found ( thanks to Bruce Fentons video report) to show you about Bur Dubai


During my time in Dubai(1984-1989),the tallest building at the time was the Trade Center Building. Whereas in Bur Dubai,it was Hyatt Hotel and Apartments and the sourounding area was still a desert.Not so far from the hotel/apartments,you´ll also find the Gold Souk (gold market) where you can shop for gold jewelries cheap especially when gold price is low.I also enjoy going to the fruit market where you can buy all the types of fruit in the world for 10 or 20 dirhams a box or case.
Oh,another thing you´ll appreciate in Dubai are the beautiful mosque!

I really did enjoy my short lived stay (5 yrs) in Dubai,calm and quiet life,when everything can be bought cheap and no traffic jams.But those days were gone,i heard that everything is expensive now a days,traffic jams are unsuportable too.

In Arab countries,you dont pay taxes.So, you get to enjoy your salary without deductions,no toll gate to pay (in my time),shoping for anything you want to buy are tax free.
You can even buy alcoholic drinks as long as you have a permit,dringking is not prohibited as long as its in private places.But be careful, you cant drive when you had a drink! During our night outs,hubby can drink and because i dont,i get to take him home without incident especially when the police stoped us on our way home. YES! There is a police check point for drunk drivers!

I sometimes wonder if there are still bedoins living in the desert tending for their camels or goats? Or, what has become of the desert that i also happen to love and apreciate its beauty?

What has became of us? We are slowly destroying our planet earth....


Amrita said...

For us Dubai is a shoppers paradise. My sister has been there.She got me gold studs.

Amrita said...

Wow the crab meat must be good. I 've had it a couple of times.We only get it tinned and its very expensive can 't afford it.

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