Wednesday, 5 December 2007

The King and Chavez

I never like to write anything about politics but this video is about the King of Spain Juan Carlos who lost his composure or temper at Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez during a conference in Chile,South America.

While the President Zapatero of Spain was delivering his speech,the Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was said to be interfering and delivering insults about a former President of Spain Jose Aznar.

In the video Pres. Zapatero was speaking about respect and defending the former Pres. Aznar that he was elected by the Spanish people and that he must be respected at that.I guess the King of Spain can no longer tolerate Hugo Chavez that he butt in and told him "Poque no te calla!"( Why dont you shut up!) After that, the King walk out of the room..

This story has been going on in the news for quiet sometime and mock videos and even cell phone ring tones of the kings voice are published and being sold in the market about this incident. Below is the real video about the incident...Watch and tell me what you think about it.


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Amrita said...

I am very much interested in politics and follow it to quite some degree. I heard about this incident and said Good for you King of Spain. Chavez shoots his mouth off.