Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Christmas Wonderland

Have´nt seen yet the christmas lights in downtown lisbon till now, therefore i´ll just post pictures from last year as the christmas trees below.

This photo was taken in downtown lisbon municipal square.
This tree with ribbons was said to be the tallest Christmas Tree in Europe stands tall in Praça de Comercio downtown Lisbon for 2 consecutive years,transfered to Porto this year.

Street christmas lights on a quiet evening at the comercial area of Alges near the place where i live.Taken at about 10:00 PM when all is quiet.

Mercado de Alges ( Alges Market)wishing us "Boas Festas" (Happy Holidays)

At the other side of the

This shows how dull is the market these days.Shopkeepers complain about not having a good business.It seems that everybody are really tightening their belts this season.

Even in the commercial centers (malls),i dont see many people shopping for presents.

Its not only for this reason that i dont feel the spirit of christmas at all,not even because i´m far from home,its because i dont see many happy people around here.

When we meet some acquiantances on the street or at the elevator,greetings are always the same,kiss on both cheeks and asked how they are or them asking how we are...I always hear the same answer like this for ex: "Ohh, i´m not well,my BP is high or i have been operated because of this and that,or life is not going well,very bad,very bad"

So you see,for a calm person like me who always look on the the bright side and a positive thinker, these things sometimes gets me down too.

Cant forget my elder sons observation once when i was discussing about something " Ma, calm down,calm down..What happened to you? You´ve changed!"

With regards to our family here,we dont see hubby´s kids often, as they also have their own life now and families.Although, we always tell them to come and visit or have dinner with us whenever they have a chance.

Family get togethers are only on birthdays,christmas and new year.Conversation is also the same,discussions about certain topic like problems at work,home or critism about certain goverment policy.I dont here any music,singing,dancing or telling jokes.

And you maybe wondering about myself,I sometimes pretend to listen but i dont make any comment because i would´nt have a chance anyway even if i want to. My portuguese language still limited although i understand very well the language.Portuguese people loves to talk,enjoys also jokes or big discussions.I dont know if it has something to do with the dificulty in life or stress but for whatever reason,they too are changing..


Middle Ditch said...

That all sounds pretty ominous. Poor you. Cheer up.

Amrita said...

The lights are spectacular, Aura.

I know you 're homesick for family. I too miss my sisters and their families as we have such warm happy memories.

Herman Verbrugge said...

The trees of last year are exceptional and colourful. I have never seen Christmas trees like these.
The fado sounds beautiful, I don't understand Portuguese, but that's not important when you listen to the music and the emotions in music.
I hope you feel cheerful when Christmas is there and when YOU meet people, tell them how good you feel. Don't let them tell you how depressed they are. Sing a song for them :-)
Merry Christmas to you and your husband.

Senor Enrique said...

Gorgeous Christmas trees you have in Lisbon!

Perfect health and a joyful holiday season to you and your entire family, Aura!

And as the song goes, "Have yourself a merry little Christmas!"