Thursday, 9 August 2007

Refresh with something cool on a hot summer day

Dont have much time these days for posting, so i will just fill my blog with some photos to feed your eyes with something refreshing that I usually prepare on hot summer days.

In the morning, we usually start our breakfast with fresh fruit like the ones above.

1/2 grapefruit, few slices of a peach, 1 or 2 pcs. of this sweet green plum

After, you can have a cup of "cafe com leite" (coffee w/ milk) and a fresh homemade scone with butter & homemade carrot & orange marmalade or white pumpkin (kundol)compote

For lunch, you can have a normal dish as grilled meat, serve with rice & green salads, or a baked fish with potatoes as the one in the photo above

And lastly for a light dinner, I prepared this typical cold soup called "Gaspacho" from the region of Alentejo.
The soup consist of fresh tomatoes,green pepper, cucumber, fresh tomato puree,coriander,ice cold water, salt,mince garlic, olive oil & vinegar.Also serve with pieces of bread in cubes that should be added to the soup. My hubby had 3 servings of this famous "Gaspacho" from the region where he was born.

And last is the heart shape tomato that i used for this soup, i only realized the shape after cutting it into half..Is´nt it a coincidence?

Cooking to be well apreciated must be done with labor of love .

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