Monday, 30 July 2007

Hot summer day at the beach

The first photo is most important lighthouse at the entrance of Tagus River in Lisbon.
Navigators like Christopher Columbus (started his journey from Lisbon harbour because of a bad weather condition)for the quest of the New World.Lisbon is known in those days for its "safe harbour"
Second photo is first among the many Forts along the margin of the Tagus River. After a hundred yard or so, comes the next one in Caxias (third photo) where we stayed for a few hours this sunday.
Suddenly our summer temperature came in full blast at 40ºC .As we set up our umbrella,beach chairs & towels,we went imediately to the water to refresh but guess what?The water was so chilly maybe about 20 or 21ºC that i have to dive in imediately before my feet takes me back again to the hot sand.Hubby called me "maluca" afraid that i might get problem not for not letting my body temperature get adjusted first to the cold water as he did.After a quick brisk swim, we got used to the cold water & stayed there for half an hour or so.A lot of people prefer to enjoy sunbathing but not us,cant take the scroching heat pricking my skin. I always prefer to go into the water or under the shade of beach umbrella.
I remembered our beach days in Dubai where the water is very, very warm..almost like a hot soup & a sand that burns your feet if you dont put on your slippers.Thats how hot the temperature we had here in Lisbon yesterday´except for the water & again another hot temperature today.
Lastly, is another smaller fort nearby


gracita said...

wow, 40deg?! summer nga! buti pa kayo. i was just speaking with my aunt from frankfurt and she said the temperature today is 16deg and sometimes its raining even. bakit ganon? what happened? tapos sa pinas, walang ulan and it's supposed to be a rainy season there. buti pa dito sa middle east, predictable ang weather. it's either hot or humid lang.

Noreen said...

This is great info to know.