Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Portuguese Azulejos

Wherever one goes in Portugal, you´ll find "Azulejos" inside the churches, cathedrals, palaces, train stations or subway stations and mostly in any ordinary traditional or modern houses..
The azulejos are a typical form of Portuguese or Spanish painted,tin glazed.ceramic tilework and it has become a typical aspect of Portuguese culture. They are applied on the walls , cielings, floors not only as an ornamental art form but also it has a functionality as temperature control at homes.
The art was introduced to Portugal via Spain by the Moors, who had learned the craft from the Persians.


A 15th century Cuenca tile with armillary sphere which can still be seen at Sintra National Palace.( the armillary sphere is the symbol of King Manuel 1)
An altar decorated with azulejos at the Church of Nossa Senhora da Graça in Sagres

An Art Noveau in Porto
An ornamental frame in one famous restaurant by the seaside

Frame of ornamental azulejos at the outside wall of an old abandoned house near my place


Lily said...

I love the photo of the tea and coffee shop in Porto - it's beautiful. I like your blog, I shall come back to visit.
Obrigada :-)

Aura said...

Thanks for dropping by Lily! Im glad to know that you like my blog.. Seja Bemvindo!