Thursday, 16 August 2007

How to Burn Fat without restrictions

I´ve been trying to burn fat around my waistline for a week now, so i started searching the net to help me do this objective..First i thought i would look for an exercise book that will help me trim my waist a little but then as i have problem with my spine & cant do so much stretching or real exercise other than swimming or brisk walking which is already enough for me. So, the idea about an exercise book was discarded.Then, this book about "Fat Loss 4 Idiots" called my attention, I click on the link & read the pitch page, as i continued I realised all my previous idea about low fat, low calorie foods was not really helping me meet my objective.This made me open my eyes and I remembered now, why is that everytime i go on holiday to my native country the Philippines, my weight goes down to 4-5 kilos less when in fact I eat several times a day! Breakfast,snack in between meals, lunch , again snack & dinner! So now I know and I started eating again 5-6 times a day & dringking lots of water.
With in a week time ,i already lost 1.5 kgs & 5 cm of my previous waistline measurement.Although I dont need to lose so much weight, I wll have to continue with this system of eating several times a day, provided I eat moderately and because I feel well, the most important is I dont have to worry any more about counting the calories of what I eat. Please click on the link below for more information,in case you are interested to learn how to burn fat with out restrictions!
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